Our favourite Jaguars of the London Classic Car Show

The London Classic Car Show is done for another year, and the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club are celebrating another successful four-day weekend spent promoting our club and the cars that we love. Thanks to everyone who came and said hello during the weekend, and to our tireless team of volunteers who put another great effort in for the benefit of the club.

Thanks to several members who generously made their cars available for display, we had a small but fascinating collection of Jaguars that captured plenty of attention from the tens of thousands of attendees. The show returned once again with the famous Grand Avenue, and our stand was front and centre to the action.

Nsh Jaguar 9 1
Nsh Jaguar 8 2
Nsh Jaguar 5 2
Nsh Jaguar 8 1
Nsh Jaguar 7 1
Nsh Jaguar 6 1
Nsh Jaguar 7 2
Nsh Jaguar 6 2
Nsh Jaguar 2 2
Nsh Jaguar 1 3

The JEC stand featured a gorgeous race prepared XK120, a track ready Mark II, a rare F-Type Project 7, and the debut of the club's latest raffle car - a 2013 F-Type 3.0 Convertible. Tickets were on sale for the F-Type, and sold strongly over the course of the weekend.

In addition to the cars, club experts were on hand to give advice both on the club and the cars, and club merchandise was available for sale.

Nsh Jaguar 8
Nsh Jaguar 2
Nsh Jaguar 1

Elsewhere throughout the halls, the 700-car show featured plentiful Jaguar highlights to keep our attention. Memorable moments included seeing an XJ220LM, watching as the sublime Speedster and Low Drag GT from Eagle cruise past, attending the launch of the Lister Thunder, seeing a black XJR-15 doing power slides and donuts on Grand Avenue, inspecting the stunning restoration work of several E-Type restorers in detail, and musing at a full-scale Jaguar inspired art installation.

No matter what your taste in Jaguars, there was something for everyone. For those that couldn't make the show in person, take small solace in enjoying our photo gallery. 

We have more stories from the London Classic Car Show coming in the near future. We sat down with Lawrence Whittaker of Lister Cars to discuss the 666bhp, F-Type 5.0 based Lister Thunder, and took an up-close look at the immaculately restored Jaguar XK120 SE by Pininfarina. 

Words and photos by Andrew Coles. 

Nsh Jaguar 1 1
Nsh Jaguar 3
Nsh Jaguar 2
Nsh Jaguar 1
Nsh Jaguar 2 4
Nsh Jaguar 1 4
Nsh Jaguar 4
Nsh Jaguar 3
Nsh Jaguar 11
Nsh Jaguar 10
Nsh Jaguar 4 2
Nsh Jaguar 12
Nsh Jaguar 7
Nsh Jaguar 6
Nsh Jaguar 10 1
Nsh Jaguar 5 1
Nsh Jaguar 3 3
Nsh Jaguar 2 3
Nsh Jaguar
Nsh Jaguar 5
Nsh Jaguar 3 2
Nsh Jaguar 1 2
Nsh Jaguar 4
Nsh Jaguar 4 3