JEC 2017 AGM Minutes


 Annual General Meeting - 4th November 2017

 Meeting opened by Peter Purdom:

Peter welcomed everyone to the meeting, thanking Jaguar Land Rover for the use of their Castle Bromwich facilities. Nigel Thorley covered the house-keeping duties and safety instructions.

The Club Directors present were introduced:

Peter Purdom                                        Chairman
Mike Horlor                                           Vice Chairman and Forum Manager
Nigel Thorley                                        Editor and Seminars
Graham Searle                                      General Manager
Mike Young                                           Finance Director
Tony Ridge                                            Until now Director responsible for PR and Marketing
Ken Jenkins                                          Technical
Ray Searles                                           Events Chairman
Rob Jenner                                           Past chairman

 Vice presidents
Peter Clarke
Keith Vincent

 Other Club officials present are:
James Blackwell                   Assistant General Manager
Helen Hodgson                     PR & Gift Shop Manager
David Marks                          Technical
Bob Bate                              Technical

Calum McKechnie                               Jaguar Land Rover Classic 

We have apologies from:      
Glasgow Region                 
Fred        Bone                                    East Sussex Region
Don        Westcott                               Wiltshire Region
Stephen Bench                   
Brian Blizzard/Dave Hill                       Bristol Region
Steve Pye                                            S-type Forum Co-ordinator
Val Roster                                           F-TYPE Forum Co-ordinator
Patrick Moynihan                                 Compact Saloon Co-ordinator
Naki Kouyioumtzis                               XJ40 Forum Co-ordinator
Vince Franklin                                     Regional Co-ordinator
Pim Stouten                                        XJ40 Contributor
John Brewster                                     Classic XK Forum
Mike Kennedy                                      X-350 Forum

Plus individual members:

David Stoddart - Sue Hedley - Mike Kennedy -  Paul Sinnott - Ray Smith - Caroline Heslop - Sue Clegg - Alan Bennett and Geoff Abrams.

Proxy Votes:
Nine were received appointing the Chairman, Secretary or other Directors, plus one appointing Gordon Jackson to vote on his behalf.

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This concluded the meeting