Jaguar Enthusiast Digital Archive

Since January 1985 the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club has produced a monthly magazine, soon you will be able to read the entire back catalogue at your own leisure.

Aug 1986 Fc

The whole Archive?

Yes, very soon the entire 33 year Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine archive will be available for members to read all as part of your membership. Going through the process of converting the files I am always amazed at the knowledge that is available in these magazines, technical articles, car launches and general editorial on the Jaguar world. Currently we have 1985, 1986 and 1987 uploaded and this will continue to grow as the days and weeks go by. We also have the latest issues of the magazine available from this months from January 2013.

Feb 1985 Fc

How do I read the back catalogue?

As long as you are a member of the Club and you have entered your membership number into your account on the website you will see the addition of "Magazine" to the top white menu bar. If you can see this you can access the magazine online, all included as part of your membership, no extra cost. You can read the magazine every month in paper format and online, meaning you should be able to read whats going on or refer to and article where ever you are. 

When will all 33 years be available?

This is quite a large task, not only are there 12 issues over 33 years and counting (yep, we have never missed a month in all 33 years, all edited by Nigel Thorley too), but the older ones need to be converted over to the correct format before uploading, 396 times! So it will take us a little while to get there, but if you keep an eye out on our social media and email newsletter "Friday Spotlight" we will endeavour to keep you updated.

What next?

The access to the magazine archive in digital format was one of the goals of the new website allowing members to access any issue using a computer, mobile or tablet and getting the archive in place will be another achievement in delivering our goal for our online presence. Once we have the magazines uploaded we will then be in a position to start extracting some of the best content such as technical articles and creating an easy to access and navigate technical library, from simple oil changes, to service schedules on X300's to full blown restoration articles on MK1's.

Dec 1985 Pg3
Dec 1985 Pg2
Dec 1985 Pg

12 issues every month for £45*

We at the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club believe that our magazine alone is worth the renewal fee of £45 every year, packed full with technical articles, event, special offers and the latest news, it has to be the best value Jaguar read around. Add to that you get access to the magazine in print posted to you every month as well as free access to it as a member, for you and all your family at home (it is a family membership, no hidden extra's there either).

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