5 awesome Jags spotted at the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival

Okay, whoah - we're just about recovered from the eye-candy overload that was the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival, but now we've got to thinking about some of the specific cars at the event.

There were far too many eye-catching examples on display to attempt covering them all - 1,200 Jags turned up after all - but here are 5 pretty awesome Jags which you should have noticed at the festival. And if you didn't, we're going to bring them to your attention now!

Jaguar Xj40 Xj12 Windsor

1993 Jaguar XJ40

Owned by Andrew Brooks, this 1993 XJ40 is one of just 95 XJ12s on the road, according to howmanyleft.co.uk and is surely one of the best condition in the country.

Andrew picked up the XJ40 from an elderly lady who had owned the big Jag from new, going some way to explaining the car's pristine condition. Apparently, it is even cleaner underneath!

The XJ40 isn't everyone's idea of a what a 'classic Jag' should be, but for those whose it is, they don't get much better than this. We think it looks amazing!

Jaguar Xj40 Xj12 Windsor Engine Bay
Jaguar Xjsc Windsor

1984 Jaguar XJ-SC

As if XJ-SCs aren't rare enough, this one is particularly special as the 5th XJ-SC ever made. Owner Kevin Haslam claims this makes his car the oldest XJ-SC remaining - he is most probably correct!

Made from just 1983-1987, before Jaguar began producing a full drop-head XJS, the XJ-SC allowed Jag to quickly and cheaply develop a convertible XJ by utilising a static frame.

Fitted with a 3.6 AJ6 engine and a 5-speed manual, Kevin's XJ-SC is as sporting as XJSs come - the body was at least as stiff as the coupe's with its roll-over hoop and supplementary bracing.

A restored Concours winner, Kevin's XJ-SC is not just the oldest XJ-SC around, but surely one of the best condition too!

Windsor Chrisgage Jaguar Xkss

2016 Jaguar XKSS

Those who don't follow Jaguar's present day operations keenly will be forgiven for thinking that the '2016' there is a typo - it's not. The most recent 'continuation' model from Jaguar Classic, the XKSS was, in fact, one of the youngest cars at the entire festival!

Being one of the newest, the XKSS was also the last car in our 240 car parade through Windsor, with the XKSS providing a parting gift in the form of its rorty exhaust note.

Once stationary on the side of The Long Walk, the XKSS drew constant crowds throughout the day. We can't wait to see what Jaguar Classic have in store for us next!

Jaguar Xkss Windsor
Jaguar Xj Windsor Queen

1991 Daimler Double Six

It wouldn't be right not to include a Jag without a royal connection in this list - or at least, a Daimler.

This '91 Double Six was HM the Queen's personal car from 1991 to 1995, serving multiple roles in its time in the royal household. The Daimler was used to ferry Her Majesty between Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and public engagements. 

It wasn't unusual seeing Her Majesty driving the car herself, although she was chauffeured in it at times as well. When the official state car was in use, the Daimler often served as a support car too, as a part of the royal convoy.

Jaguar Xk220 Windsor

1994 Jaguar XJ220

While it may not have blended with the surroundings of Windsor Castle in quite the way many of the older Jaguars did at the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival, Colin Manconi's XJ220 still drew more than its fair share of attention.

Indeed, the video of it driving out of Windsor was our most popular social media post of the entire day.

Just 271 XJ220s were made by Jaguar, the timing of its arrival poorly coinciding with the early '90s recession, meaning the car is as rare as it is stunning!

Xj220 Wide 2