The XF Factor

Our XF Forum Co-ordinator, Peter Simpson, champions the XF as the modern saviour of Jaguar and examines its future legacy…

There have been numerous pivotal moments in Jaguar’s long history, where the debut of a new model has brought renewed prosperity to the company. However, none have been quite as fundamental, or sustained as the introduction of the XF, in 2008.

The car wooed a younger and wider audience to the marque and the phenomenal success of the XF provided the springboard to the subsequent and rapid expansion of the company, affording the confidence to release a plethora of new and equally as popular models.

Front End
Traditional, yet modern: The XF in all its glory​
Xf Pre Launch
Leadership by design: the pre launch of the stylish XF Facelift

The XF in all its glory​

I believe the design of the XF was a stroke of genius, combining elements of traditional appeal with cutting edge modernity and plunging rival models into the ranks of tedium. The sleek exterior lines brought new levels of elegance to a sporting saloon, resulting in an undeniable stage presence. Allied to this was the revolutionary interior, which infused a sense of theatre, particularly displayed during the start-up procedure, initiated by the simple press of a red, pulsating starter button.

As the engine fires the air vents rotate into position and the rotary transmission selector rises from the centre console. Years later this stage show is still a talking point in any review of the car.

The XF swept away the enduring image of Jaguar transforming it from dowdy refinement to savvy sophistication. Freed from these shackles, the XF has been constantly updated with new technology and fresh design, shifting away from retro styling and subsequently spearheading the modern face of the company.

The XF is now built of aluminium and so is every other model in the company’s portfolio. All-wheel drive is also now making an appearance throughout the range. Jaguar has established its own engine manufacturing plant at home and added assembly factories overseas.

All this has resulted from the confidence inspired by the XF’s success in the world market. It spawned the larger and radically modern XJ and bestowed the courage to launch the sporting F-Type.

Without the XF, Jaguar would not have been inspired to return to the volume market with the smaller XE, and who would have entertained a possibility that Jaguar would one day produce an SUV in the form of F-Pace performance crossover.

The pre launch of the stylish XF Facelift

The XF set standards that others aspired to and has spawned many imitators. It was a clear statement reaffirming Jaguar’s world class status and of leadership by design. So if you are an XF owner, or aspire to be one, remember you are not just driving a stylish and entertaining sports saloon, you are engaged in a landmark period of automotive history.

Don't forget the JEC's XF Seminar on the 14th May which will cover all the models, all the years and specifications, and other interesting points for those who not only run, but also maintain their own cars.

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