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As the Club gets ready to attend a number of major shows Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia and Silverstone Classic we have a look back at our handy checklist we created to give you a helping hand. There is nothing worse then getting to set up and realising you have forgotten the kit bags for the gazebos or worse still, entry tickets! To try and mitigate against this we have checklists and a checklist to make sure we have everything on the checklist, which are counter signed and double checked.....twice!

It is amazing how many things you need to consider to cover all angles. When packing clothing for a three day trip I am required to pack for six days, day time work wear and then clean fresh evening wear, add into that back up wet/sun gear and a separate van is needed just for my luggage, but as the saying goes, "be prepared". As we head into holiday season and the commitments to attend events increases while we have our two weeks of summer sun we understand that things may get a bit frantic, so to help, we thought we would put together a helpful checklist for everyone about to leave for a show.

Copy Of Tickets


  • Tickets. Right number of, is it one per person? Car pass?
  • Insurance details? Are you covered for the event you are attending?
  • Breakdown. Do you have the phone number, customer number, what type of cover do you have?
  • Map. What route are you taking, what are the alternatives?
  • Venue. When you get there, do you know where you are going, have the venue/organiser supplied a map?
  • Entry Forms. If you have entered a competition such as our Pride and Joy, do you have the relevant paperwork and entry forms?
235 Rs

Clothing and Weather essentials

  • Essentials. Do you pack an extra pair of essentials, just in case?
  • Tooth brush. I always forget, so now I have a small collection.
  • Appropriate seasonal clothing. But have you allowed for the changing conditions?
  • Hat. Rain or sun, hats are essential survival gear.
  • Sun Block. Remember even if the rain clouds are covering the sky, in the summer UV rays can still burn delicate skin.
  • Sun Glasses.Wellington boots. Not sure I need to explain this one!
  • Footware. Are you on hard standing, grass, tarmac, gravel, mud? Are there plenty of opportunities to sit down? Thinking about these will have a bearing on what shoes you wear, high heels may look good, but stumbling around with a broken heel or ankle is not fun (so I have been told).
Copy Of Servicing


  • Oil and water? Have you checked the levels, recently changed or old lubricants?
  • Has the car been for a run or will it be the the first run on the day? Sometimes well worth taking your car for a run say 15or 20 miles before the day.
  • Fuel. Are you full and ready to go, it can be more expensive out there on the road, also one less thing to worry about.
  • Is your car legal? MOT, Insurance, tax, are they up to date?
  • Tyre pressures. Are they all OK including the spare, what is the tread like, how old is the tyre?
  • Lights. Do they all work, spare bulbs available?


  • Correct date. Have you checked, you will not be the first and you will not be the last.
  • Cash. Do you need cash or can you survive on a credit / debit card?
  • Food. Are you picnicing, do you need to consider nibbles and driving treats? Or are you using the facilities on site?
  • Water. Always always always have water available. There is no better way to stay hydrated and alert, especially if there is a long way to drive.
  • Travel plans. Are there any expected delays en route?
  • Phone. Do you have enough battery life on your mobile (if you are taking one). Will it last the day, if you are staying longer what are your charging plans?
  • First Aid Kit.

This is by no means a complete list, we will have forgotten things that you might need especially to you or something obvious, but we think it helps as a general guide. We have even added a handy downloadable checklist to help you on your way.

If you are off to Silverstone Classic or indeed any other show why not share your well packed boot with us on Instagram #wellpacked 

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