Production years: 1931 - 1934

With an agreement to purchase rolling chassis from the Standard Motor Company, Swallow established a new brand of motor car called SS (Swallow Sports). With Swallow’s own styling, body building and assembly, initially two models were produced from 1931, the SS1, using the Standard Sixteen chassis with 6-cylinder side valve engine and the SS2, a much smaller car based on the 4-cylinder Standard Nippy Nine. 

Both cars were well received and with changes to the Standard chassis, new models were introduced from 1932. The SS1 was increased in length, with contemporary swept back wings and a more powerful 6-cylinder engine. The SS2 was also changed with similar styling treatment and a new 1.3 litre 4-cylinder engine. 

Up to this time only one model of each type had been produced, now known as the Coupe. The range however increased during the early 1930s to include:-

                SS1 Four light saloon                                 SS2 Four light saloon

                SS1 Tourer                                                        SS2 Tourer

                SS1 Airline       

                SS1 Drophead coupe 

In 1934 the success of the SS models lead to the formation of a new (additional) company called SS Cars Ltd to produce them and to develop the brand further.

Model Summary

Model Type:

The Pushrod Cars

Production Dates:

1931 - 1934

Chassis Numbers

Model Driver Side Chassis No. Commenced Number made
SS1 Coupe RHD 135005 - 135504 247001 500
SS1 Tourer RHD 135988
SS2 Coupe RHD 126268 200001
Ss1 Tourer
Ss1 Airline

Model Contacts

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