DVLA Assistance

If you have a classic Jaguar that you wish to register in the UK, and are not currently in possession of a V5C registration document from DVLA, Craig Thompson may be able to assist. The procedure is different for cars that have previously been registered in the UK, and those that have not.

Cars that have previously been registered in the UK. Please note that the following advice applies to those wanting to get back the original registration number on their car, but have not got a current V5C registration document, either because the car has been off the road or out of the country since 1983 when DVLA applied new criteria. Craig is the authorised signatory for such applications and you will need to produce some form of original (not photocopy) documentary evidence showing that the car was originally issued with the number being claimed. The usual items of evidence are an old style logbook, Mot certificate, or an extract from manufacturers' records. For Jaguar and Daimler owners Jaguar Heritage (tel 01926 645082/3, or visit http://www.jaguarheritage.org) will search the factory records and supply a certificate for £45, but note that not all records contain the original registration number. It is sometimes possible to obtain archive extracts from the old licensing authorities (City or County Councils), but not all councils retained their records after DVLA was established in the 1970s. You can check the availability of local authority archives via the website www.kitheadtrust.org.uk. Or contact Craig Thompson ([email protected]) who will be able to assist. You will also need to complete two forms (V765 & V55/5 available from DVLA) and send them with the documentary evidence and photographs of the vehicle and its chassis number to Craig Thompson. No administration fee is required, but if original documentation is submitted, then payment will be requested for the return of documents by recorded delivery. Photocopied documents are not accepted by DVLA. Until late 2013 local DVLA offices could provide authenticated copies, but following the closure of all local offices, Craig Thompson is authorised to authenticate copies and return the original. Please telephone for advice. Please note that as from 2015 A Hertiage Certificate on its own will not be enough for the DVLA, one of the other items mentioned above will also be required. DVLA require participating Clubs to inspect all vehicles as part of the process, and this will be arranged once the appropriate forms have been submitted to the Club together with the documentary evidence. The costs for carrying out the inspection will vary dependant on the vehicle location, and will be notified to you once the application has been received. Cars that have NOT previously been registered in the UK (i.e. imported cars). For imported cars the following procedure applies. You will need to apply to DVLA for an ‘age-related’ registration number. You will only be able to do this once the car has been issued with an Mot Certificate, unless it is exempt by being manufactured before 1960. To apply you will need to complete form V55/5 and obtain, from the JEC proof of the age and origin of the car. To obtain this from the club you will need to send Craig Thompson photographs of the car and its chassis number, and a copy of the Jaguar Heritage certificate if available. Craig will send you a suitable letter of confirmation of the vehicle to enable you to apply for the ‘age-related’ number. You will also need to submit to DVLA a certificate from HMRC showing that import duty has been paid. This form used to be C&E 386, but should now be a ‘NOVA1’ form, which you can obtain online, click here or telephone the HMRC VAT helpline on 0300 200 3700. If you require any further help or guidance, please contact Craig Thompson at [email protected]