Whilst it was plenty wet, and ensuring Covid-19 security added work, JEC Oxfordshire once again successfully provided the cars and drivers for Veterans @ Heritage - 19th August 2020

Over 20 Jaguars, along with the Austin Powers 'Gold Member' Jaguar from the JDHT, provided some excellent 'rain laps' at Bicester Heritage, for Veterans, Beneficiaries of the Royal British Legion - and their families - at this event put on by Mission Motorsport with facilities provided by Bicester Heritage.

JEC Oxfordshire Has Established a Strong Relationship with Mission Motorsport and its '[email protected]' Track Days

JEC Oxfordshire provided the cars and drivers for this event in both April and August 2019. We would have done so again this April if only Covid-19 had not inserted itself. All our members had a whale of a time pushing their cars around Bicester Heritage's 1/4 mile test track at speeds of up to 75 mph and looked forward to doing so again !

It seemed like Mission Motorsport, the Royal British Legion, their beneficiaries, veterans and their families, as well as Bicester Heritage who provide the facilities, were happy enough to have asked us back this August.

There were also added bonuses that the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust brought along their Austin Powers 'Gold Member' Jaguar, Andy Webber, the Club's Events and Sponsorship Manager came along to play (whilst sizing up the site for use as part of the Festival) and Region Members were able to 'blag' themselves rides in other members' various Jaguars.

Veterans 19082020 025
Veterans 19082020 021
Veterans 19082020 009
Veterans 19082020 002

A Great Range Of Jaguars, and a Number of New Members and Friends, Came Despite The Occasionally Monsoon Weather !

It is quite understandable that owners of precious Jaguars might not have wanted to bring their Prides and Joys out in the wet, especially with the 'overlay' of social distancing etc. to be Covid-19 Secure. But not a bit of it.

The event was entirely Covid-19 secure with health screening, masking and gloves, mostly outdoors with therefore lots of 'distance'. And most drivers still drove with windows (and in some cases their tops) down...

There was a great range of cars present besides the JDHT car: 8 XKs / XKRs, an XJ, 3 XFs / XFRs, 2 E-Types, and F-Type, an XE, an XJ-S, 2 X-Types an XE and a superb Mark X. There was a Porsche, whose driver had forgotten he had an E-Pace at home !!

The Region welcomed 5 new members and a number of these became Region Subscribers.

Veterans 19082020 018
Veterans 19082020 007
Veterans 19082020 005
Veterans 19082020 003