The JEC's Oxfordshire Region and 4 others make a real splash at Bicester Heritage's October Scramble

Bicester Heritage's Scrambles have become a key event in the classic cars calendar and our Club's presence has become a key feature of it. For the October event we planned for cars to come from the following regions: Oxfordshire, Bucks & Herts, Berks and Thames Valley, Swindon, Wilts, South Cotswolds, Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire and the new South Midlands.

BH were keen to get as many pre-1990 cars there as possible. We provided them with nearly 30 !

The JEC's presence at Bicester Heritage Scrambles Grows and Grows whilst playing host to some VIP visitors and cars.

The weather looked set to be appalling for Sunday 6th October, but the was named very appropriately in the end. Some of us spent the day in shortsleeves topping up our tans !

Reflecting the forecast we did not see members from Swindon, Wiltshire, South Midlands or South Cotswolds, but Oxfordshire, Bucks & Herts, Derbyshire (!), Berks & Thames Valley more than made up for it with a wonderful range of cars and a veritable forest of feather flags & banners.

As would be hoped, this brought other Jaguar drivers flocking to our pitch and a number of them are now Region Subscribers.

Our plans were to try and make our club area, next to the Watch Office, more than just a glorified parking lot with activities and more of a curated display. The parking team made a great job of this, as the pictures show.

In addition, attendees were challenged to put signs in their cars to tell those visiting us the car's price new, the price when they bought it and the value now. Naturally, the moderns owners were rather 'down in the mouth' about the depreciation whilst the classic owners were just a bit cocky about the appreciating values they are enjoying.

And if all this was not enough, we were in for a pleasant surprise or two. A certain Ian Callum, until recently Jaguar's Chief Designer, was a VIP visitor to Scramble, who kindly parked his F-Type SVR with us. He also chatted for some time with members. A rather less talkative VIP was Sir William Lyons' XJ that also attended.

The BH management team commended our attendance and noted the scale of our display and ambition.

Here's to the next one on 5th January.....

Sir W Lyons Xj And Project 7 Xk
Scramble 102019 001
Scramble 2019 Rear Line
Scramble 1019 Front Line