News Letter June 2020

Welcome to the Newsletter of the Wiltshire Region of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club.



Wiltshire Region Virtual Meeting, Thursday, 11 June. See details.

Lackham Historic Vehicles Show, Wednesday, 17 June. CANCELLED

Wessex Midsummer Show, Sat/Sun, 20/21 June. CANCELLED

Chipping Sodbury Classic Car Run, Sunday, 28 June. CANCELLED

Heddington & Stockley Steam Rally, Sat/Sun, 4/5 July. CANCELLED

Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum, Sat/Sun, 11/12 July. CANCELLED

Seend Fete, Saturday, 8 August. CANCELLED

Shalbourne Show, Sunday, 27 September. CANCELLED

Christmas Lunch, Sunday, 6 December. Details to come.

Wiltshire Happenings

What a depressing list above. A full set of cancellations. Roll on Christmas – if we are allowed to hold it !!!

Answers to the Classic Car Quiz , sent out with last month’s newsletter, are attached.

In case you think that the Diary Dates page has been missed off of your copy, don’t worry. There didn’t seem much point in printing it as all of the events, except our Christmas Lunch, have been cancelled.

As you will have heard, Su Freeman, our Vice Chairman, in conjunction with Peter Freelove, our regional ambassador, held a Virtual Meeting a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, it was a great success and another one is being held on Thursday evening, 11 June. If you are interested, do contact Su on [email protected] or myself asap for more details.

It’s not difficult to take part. A special Zoom facility has been established by JEC headquarters and is channelled back to the regions via the regional ambassador. You do not need to have your own Zoom App to take part.

The May meeting had eleven intrepid participants and Su sent us the following summary of the meeting.

Initially there was a bit of “toing and froing” until we got used to using the system, with two members being in lockdown abroad and on a different time clock. We then had a chat covering what everyone had been doing during lockdown. This ranged from organising a “buddies systems” to test driving a restored car. The most popular activity seemed to be sorting out the garage or garden shed, apart from two members who are still having to work for a living.

There was an interesting discussion on the second hand car market and how Covid-19 may or may not impact on the value of vehicles. This led to some differing views as to whether values would go up or down and availability.

Sue Wilthew told us that she had solved her problem with BBS tyre inflation (Editor’s Note: See page 3 for more information on this subject) and Lou Rutter, who joined us from Portugal, asked for advice about battery life on cars being parked up or not being used. Answers were varied ranging from “no problem” to making sure that the car was locked into “sleep mode”, use of trickle chargers and even solar panel chargers. Of course, at the moment you cannot use private cars in Portugal so driving them is not a solution.

The evening went very quickly, helped perhaps with a glass or two of something. We did have a quiz to hand but this was held over to the next meeting as time ran out. It was good fun and the experience gained re camera positions and the use of the mute button should make the next meeting in June even more enjoyable.

The BBS tyre inflation problem – see below – is a good example of members helping each other. If you have any Jaguar problems that you can’t solve, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail or telephone and I’m sure that someone in the Wiltshire Region will have an answer. Equally, if you have solved a problem, which you may think will be of interest to other members, again, let me know and I’ll circulate the information to other members.

Meanwhile, keep yourself safe and well so that you are ready to spring into action once the restrictions are lifted.

Membership Subscriptions Are Now Over Due

Many thanks to those of you who have already renewed their membership subscriptions.

For those that haven’t, it’s still only a fiver. Cash or cheque, payable to Wiltshire Region Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, to me at 17 Lake View, Calne, Wilts, SN11 8JA please.

Club Regalia

Printed products are available from Paul and Beverlee Clarke, two of our club members. They can put almost any design onto clothing, mugs, key rings, and many other items.

Beverlee can be contacted on 07545 451014 or e-mail [email protected].

Galileo Clothing, who are now based on Hopton Park Ind. Estate, Devizes, hold the embroidery software for our logo and they offer a range of clothing. For more information, have a look at their website on or phone 01380 724442 and ask for Tim.

Problems With BBS Tyre Inflation?

Those of you with e-mails will already have received this information but for the benefit of members without internet, I’m repeating the text.

Some time ago, one of our members asked for help regarding problems that she was experiencing using garage air pumps to inflate the BBS tyres on her XKR.

Peter Freelove solved the problem by buying a motorcycle tyre adaptor. He then unscrewed the little nut before screwing in the Jaguar adaptor to the m/c adaptor which then connects to a foot pump.

M/c adaptors are available through Ebay from, Jerrow Components, Unit 1, Milton House, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0QL. Tel: 0151 3457810. Name of part: Oxford Motorcycle Tyre Valve Access Conversion Tool, Stock No: OX105. Other stockists are available. Cost around £10-12.

For members who prefer a cheaper DIY solution, Bob Quick solved the problem using an old standard car tyre valve, a pipe clip and an inflation adaptor from an old foot pump.

He removed the valve insert and cut away the rubber that holds the valve into the wheel. The corner of the foot pump adaptor then had to be cut away so that it cleared the wheel when fixed to the BBS adaptor.

He then attaches his electric pump to the old valve before connecting the old pump end on to the BBS adaptor. Closing the lever pushes down the rod that open the valve in the BBS adaptor. It is advisable to hold the modified adaptor in place in case it blows off.

As Bob remarks “all rather crude but it worked for him.”

Jaguars I Have Owned – Robin Allum Pt 2

In 1985, I needed my XJ6 to be valued and in those days a regional rep would do it. I tried to contact Bob Archard of Thames Valley region, but could not get hold of him, so was advised to contact the Surrey Hants regions rep Chris Van Wheelan, Chris had a look at the car and agreed to value it. His fee for the valuation was a drink at the next regional meeting. Subsequently, I attended the monthly meetings that the Surrey Hants held, as well as going to the Thames Valley meetings, where I was a member for over 30 years.

After reminiscing at a meeting in 1987 regarding past cars, I decided I wanted another 3.8 'S'. In March 1988 I found one to restore and it was all I did not want - in need of serious body repairs, an auto with a blown gearbox and green. It was one of those cars I bought with rose tinted glasses on and paid almost double what I wanted to at £950, but prices were rising fast.

I wanted to recreate the car I had in 1969, which had been modified by Coombes of Guilford. At the time this meant nothing to me but wish I had kept it. When I sold it I never passed on any history and still have it.

I fully restored and did recreate the Coombes 3.8 'S'. It was wonderful. I sold it along, with the XJ6, in 2006 when a very rare Lagonda DB 3 litre came along that I could not resist. Then, in 2012, I was looking for something to play with and bought a Daimler Conquest 2.5 litre with pre-select gearbox. this was something I always wanted. It was a lovely car.

In 2013 I decided to sell the Lagonda and had some good fortune, in that it went for a silly price, but I did not complain. In June 2013 I was able to get the car of my dreams, a 1961 XK150 3.8 FDC and part exchanged the Daimler. The XK150 was truly a car that made me grin every time I drove it. The car was in original condition and only ever needed cleaning; I did have to fit new wheels on it as the originals were in a very bad way.

Again, in October 2014, I needed something to play with, so I purchased another Daimler Conquest, an auto this time that had been sympathetically restored. I should never sold the other one as this one was a nightmare and whatever I touched it went wrong. After 4 years I finally cured the engine problem but I just wanted rid of it.

I was also having difficulty getting in and out and driving the XK150, due to a hip problem. In October 2018 I saw an Alvis TF21 Park-Ward saloon for sale. I ended up swapping the XK150 and the Daimler for an Alvis and a Rover P5b. The Alvis was probably one of the best in the country.

In October 2018 the company I bought the cars from wanted to buy my Alvis back. I agreed but not at a loss. They had a Jaguar Mark IX that I liked. I agreed a deal if they fitted a modern 4 speed automatic gearbox in the Mark IX. It took about 12 weeks for the conversion and, just before Christmas 2019, the Mark IX was ready. It duly arrived, but the next day I discovered the leather on the seats were torn and it took two months to get payment from the vendor for repairs to the seat. The Mark IX is a bit big but the gearbox makes it a lovely car to drive. So what is next I wonder.

Next Meeting

As you will be aware, all regional monthly meetings have been cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus restrictions but why not join us for our Virtual Meeting on 11 June. See Page 2 for more information.


Committee: Don Westcott (Chairman / Membership Secretary / Newsletter Editor) 01249 821854, [email protected]; Su Freeman (Vice Chairman) 07388 813331, [email protected]; Graham Savage (Treasurer) 01225 791027, [email protected]; Kevin Short 07557 659516, [email protected]; Robin Allum 01249 811409, [email protected]; Martin Ruddle 01249 813085, [email protected]; Martin Mantell 01225 760597, [email protected]

Wiltshire Region JEC, c/o 17 Lake View, Quemerford, Calne, Wilts, SN11 8JA.

Tel: 01249 821854 or E-mail: [email protected]


Wiltshire Region Market Place

Car Transportation & Storage

16 foot transporter trailer, with towing vehicle, available to club members by arrangement.

Contact Ian Davis on 01672 841294 or mobile 07734 053147

Car storage in a dry secure barn near Melksham. Long or short term. A few places still available. Contact Nigel Evans on 07703 293767 for further information.

Local Suppliers Directory

Please let Don Westcott, on 01249 821854 or [email protected], have any recommendations gained from personal experience.

Jaguar Servicing

Frankham Motor Services, Swindon Road Garage, Chippenham Road, Lyneham, Wilts, SN15 4NX. Tel: 01249 890809. Contact: Ian Frankham.

Townsend Motors, Broughton Gifford, Wilts, SN12 8LX. Tel: 01225 783068. Contact: Neil Townsend.

Autoclassico, Henfield Business Park, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS36 2UP. Tel: 01179 569115. Contact: Mike Mercer.

Park Lane Autos, Unit 4, Commercial Centre, Potley Lane, Corsham, SN13 9RH. Tel No: 01225 811745. Contact Steve or Richard.

Julian Ferraro, Unit 14, Barnack Ind. Estate, Wilton, Wilts, SP2 0AW. Tel: 01722 743935.

Mike Wood Tyres, Nursteed Road, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 3DY. Tel: 01380 727481.

Wiltshire Jaguar Centre, Unit 2, Station Industrial Estate, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 5DE. Tel: 01793 612870. Contact: Paul Titheradge. See advert on back page.

Melksham Car Care, Station Approach, Bath Road, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 8DB. Tel: 01225 703014; E-mail: [email protected]. Contact Steve Kerslake.


Calne Auto Repair Services, Unit 6, Maundrell Road, Porte Marsh Industrial Estate, Calne, Wilts, SN11 9PU. Tel: 01249 816760. Contact: Tony Nott.

RSV Refinishers Ltd, 133 Engineer Road, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury, Wilts, BA13 4JW. Tel: 01373 858730 or 07875 338064. Contact: Bob Vince.

Benham Bodyworks Ltd, Unit 3, Penhill Ind. Estate, Calne, Wilts, SN11 8RR. Tel: 01249 821499.

The Motor Garage, Netheravon, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 9RH. Tel: 01980 670348. M: 07811 954431

Contact: James Russell.

Nic Pollastrone, 29 Dallas Road, Chippenham, SN15 1LE. Tel: 01249 652400. M:07833 177278.

Screentech, The Smart Repairers. Minor repairs at your home. 70 New Road, Studley, Calne, Wilts, SN11 9LX. Contact Glen Smart 07977 070447 or Tel: 0800 530 0835..

Soda/Shot Blasting

RJH Blast Cleaning Services, Semington, Wilts. Tel: 01225 767703 or 07988 774211. E-mail: [email protected]. Contact Roger Harrow.

Colin Read, Brimslade Farm, Wooton Rivers, Marlborough, Wilts, SN8 4NG. Tel: 07768 321691.


Haskins Garage, High Street, Wroughton, Wilts,SN4 9JX. Tel: 01793 814888. Contact Justyn or Steve.

Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Monsterwraps Ltd. Unit 2F, Herald Industrial Estate, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2JW.

Tel: 023 8023 6001. E-mail: [email protected]. Discount for JEC members.


David Lonsdale: Classic carburetters rebuilt. Manual choke conversions. Jaguar specialist. Cirencester Tel: 07786 912011. E-mail: [email protected]


Grange Jaguar Swindon. Tel: 01793 414276.

Guy Salmon Jaguar, 809 Bath Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5NL. 0117 9755 200.

Tyres and Balancing (inc Wire Wheels)

Challenge Tyre Service, 132 Engineer Road, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury, Wilts, BA13 4JW. Tel: 01373 825551. Contact: Hugh Gunning.

Cross Country Tyres, Unit 6, Porte Marsh Rd, Calne, Wilts, SN11 9BW. Tel: 01249 811145.

Mike Wood Tyres, Nursteed Road, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 3DY. Tel: 01380 727481.

Melksham Tyres, Station Road, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 8BN. Tel: 01225 703529.


Fry & Sons, Fishpool, Bristol. Tel: 01179 650600

South West Auto Trimming, Unit 5, 9 Harris Road, Porte Marsh Industrial Estate, Calne, Wilts, SN11 9PT. Tel: 01249 813865 or 07910 993543. Contact Peter Smith.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

MyAlloys, Unit 9, Lion Court, Roentgen Road. Basingstoke, RG24 8QU. Tel: 01256 329444.

Contact: Alan or Carl.

Pro Alloys. Intercity Trading Estate, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 8DE. Tel: 01225 703007.

Windscreen Replacement

Whitehorse Windscreens, Unit 8, Cory Way, West Wiltshire Trading Estate, Westbury, Wilts, BA13 4QT. Tel: 07966 218715/01747 851398/01373 824828. Contact: Clive Bryant.

Disclaimer: The above services are recommended in good faith and are based on the personal experience of Wiltshire members but neither the Wiltshire Region nor the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club can accept any responsibility for them should there be any dispute.