JEC South Lincs. - Our chosen charity for 2020

During September’s online meeting, members enjoyed an interesting Zoom presentation by Paisley Paddison, Community Fundraiser for St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice. Please read the article below for an update.

An update on our chosen charity for 2020.

Having voted St. Barnabas our 2020 charity at February’s AGM, none of us could have anticipated the impact that Covid 19 would have on all our lives. In addition to describing the range of services that St. Barnabas provides to support people who have life-limiting illnesses, and their families, Paisley spoke about the challenges faced by the charity since the pandemic began. As well as coping with the logistical difficulties of maintaining their provision of essential care to patients, St. Barnabas experienced an immediate drop in income, not least because lockdown necessarily involved the temporary closure of all charity shops. To date, St. Barnabas has sustained a funding shortfall of approximately £1 million. Paisley told us that the charity was delighted to receive £300 donated so far by members who contributed the cost of their unused petrol during the spring lockdown. She explained that this, initial, donation will pay for 15 hours of hospice care. Unfortunately, the cancellation of ‘Regional Day’ meant that our annual charitable fundraising event did not happen in September. However, by the time this report is published, additional contributions from members will have been collated by our treasurer and this money, together with some funds raised prior to lockdown, donated to St. Barnabas. Should anyone wish to make further donations, these can be sent directly to St. Barnabas via