JEC South Lincs. - June Club Meeting. Bonnets Up!

We had a great evening at our regular club venue, with a record number of club members and guests joining us for a "Bonnets Up" event at "The Three Kings Inn".

A record turn out.

A warm day turned into a slightly cooler evening, but it did not deter a record number of club member and guests coming to our regular club venue for a "Bonnets Up" session.

Doreen did a splendid job running our "Good News / Bad News" raffle which helps contribute towards our club funds and activities.

Martin Henson was ecstatic about being the "Good News" winner, receiving a rather nice bottle of red wine as his prize. Martin then had the privilege of drawing for the "Bad News" prize, where the winner(?) has to provide a bottle of wine for next month's draw. Unfortunately he drew out another one of his own raffle tickets! Martin graciously returned his "Good News" prize! What are the odds of that happening? Never mind Martin, next time lucky(er).

Neil Jervis (chairman) took the opportunity to address the gathering and outline future club events. It certainly looks like it is going to be a busy but exciting few months ahead of us.

Let's hope for a continuation of the good weather, and we look forward to welcoming an increasing number of club enthusiasts' to our events.

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