JEC South Lincs. - COVID-19. JUNE UPDATE.

June 2020. Guided by national and JEC board Covid guidance, we examined the club programme to see what might be possible between now and the end of September. Although the lockdown rules might change over the next few months, we think that social distancing and its related risk management, both for the committee and for club members will remain our overarching concern for this period.

We have determined that club events which require significant face to face contact for planning, organisation or running will not be possible for some time. Therefore, all meetings to be held at the Three Kings are cancelled until at least October. In addition, the drive out, planned for the 9th of June , Regional Day and the Treasure hunt are also cancelled. Although the club BBQ, kindly hosted by Neal and Davina, involves less external support, social distancing constraints mean that we cannot hold it in its usual format in July. A club picnic may be an option for later in the year. The status of the Stamford car show in late August and the Sywell Pistons and Props festival in mid-September is not known. These events will remain on the club calendar, but the club will not make any bookings or plans for the time being.

Although Social distancing makes gatherings impractical, the committee are investigating other options. These include virtual meetings/quizzes and social distancing "flash and wave" drives, similar to the one some of us took at the end of May.

We want to get the club back to normal as soon as we can but the availability of venues, pubs and restaurants suitable for us, post CO-19, cannot be determined. Regional subscriptions paid by current members for 2020 will be offset against their membership fees for 2021.

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