JEC South Lincs - April Club Meeting, Noggin and Natter!

Eighteen members joined April’s ‘Noggin and Natter’ Zoom meeting.

After an update from the chairman about the committee’s plans for future activities, and some relaxed socialising, members participated in a Scavenger Hunt.

The task involved finding a series of random objects in ever decreasing time limits. In the first five minutes, members searched for ‘something yellow’ and ‘something used for an alternative purpose’. Daffodils, tulips, and bananas appeared on several screens, but Russ won the yellow challenge by dashing into his garage to show us his two litre Redtop-engined Westfield SEiW. Meanwhile, George amused everyone by producing a coat-hanger that doubles as a poker for the fire! Other fascinating objects followed, with some wonderful ‘historic items’, possibly used by great grand-parents, including fob watches, a razor with integral strop, and a pair of antique police handcuffs. Time pressures rendered each search increasingly frenetic and their products more bizarre. Among several strong contenders, Neal’s just-removed sock, thrust under our (thankfully only virtual!) noses, won the ‘find something unpleasant’ category. However, the overall winner was Helen, helped by her lovely dog, Edith, whose waved paw showed that she is indeed an ‘adjustable spaniel’, Helen having chosen to mishear the request to produce an adjustable spanner! Edith also had the distinction of being the best entry for ‘something soft’, easily beating an array of cushions, soft toys, and a roll of toilet paper!

Thank you to everyone for an hilarious evening.

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