JEC South Lincs. - 9th February 2012, AGM + XK180 Presentation.

The South Lincs Region of the JEC will hold its AGM over Zoom on Tuesday the 9th of February 2021.

I am aware that AGMs provide limited entertainment, but they are necessary and without members support, the region would have to be dissolved. Therefore, I would be most grateful if you could take part by joining the Zoom meeting. The aim is to keep the AGM very brief and we plan to cover just the points outlined below.

Once we have finished the official business, Neal Mugglestone will give us a presentation about his XK180 replica.

Because of the lockdown we have been forced to operate the Region very differently, there has been limited opportunity for the committee to seek your views and mobility restrictions mean that much of the work we would do in preparing for the AGM have not been possible.

AGM Agenda.


Approval of Minutes of last AGM
· Minutes of the last AGM will be sent to members by e-mail.

Chairman’s Report.

Approve our finances.
· A financial statement will be sent to members.
· As agreed earlier this year, the subscription period for current members has been extended until the 28th of February 2022.

Election of the Committee
· The committee have agreed to stand again in their current roles.
· Members may nominate alternatives. To do so, they need to complete a nomination form and have the agreement of the person nominated. Nomination forms should be sent to the secretary by the 2nd of Feb 2021. Nominations will require a proposer and seconder at the AGM, after which the members will vote to elect the holder of the post.

· At last year’s AGM we decided that we would choose a charity at each subsequent AGM, which would become the focus of our charitable efforts for the coming year. The committee favoured supporting St Barnabas again in 2021, but that the committee was open to other suggestions and members were invited to submit any alternative suggestions to the secretary.

AOB/Questions from the floor

Our secretary will shortly send you individual notification and relevant documents. In the meantime stay safe.

Yours sincerely Neil Jervis, Chair, South Lincs JEC