JEC Oxfordshire's End of Year BBQ Attracts 70 Members & Friends

When the Oxfordshire Region put its 2018-19 Programme together, last night's event was expected to end the year's activities. But, since then, 2 more events have been added to the programme. None the less, this 'end of year BBQ that isn't' was attended by 70 JEC Members from Oxfordshire, Swindon and South Cotswold Regions, and a great time was had by all.

Oxfordshire's BBQ at Bicester Heritage Acclaimed a Great Success

Having by this point in the year held no less than 25 events and met at least twice a month since September 2018, we celebrated with a BBQ at Bicester Heritage, our spiritual home, in the company of members and their partners and friends from the Oxfordshire, Swindon and South Cotswold Regions. In equal parts pleasingly and sadly, we had to close bookings for this event as we had reached 100% of our attendance 'allowance'.

It was a broadly similar event that 'kicked us off' last year. This year, the 70 of us, that also Included our Club Deputy Chairman (Ray Searles) , Events Manager (Andy Webber) and members from Swindon & South Cotswolds, again had lots to eat (once we'd resolved which volunteers - Chris Williams and Barry Hack - would cook it all) and drinks plus a dessert.

As Bicester Heritage have been a great support to us through the year, we also invited Thad the pleasure of their Estate Management Team joining us.

Very pleasing too, the Region was able to renew a total of 8 subscriptions.

There was obviously a LOT of space in which to display, examine and discuss our cars, full advantage of which was taken by a number of members !!

It was a truly great evening, in which a number of members saw Bicester Heritage for the 1st time and vowed to come back to either a Scramble or the 'Veterans @ Heritage' event in August.