JEC Oxfordshire Signs Up It's 61st Subscriber

In one year, Oxfordshire has gone from 0 to 61 subscribers, more than 1 a week !

A great Open Night brings on board no less than 4 new Subscribers.

The early days of a new region are always ones of concern about viability and adequacy of funds to underwrite any active programme. We in the JEC Oxfordshire Region clearly can relax (only slightly 1) about this.

Following the JEC Festival we are already able to put on and 'end of year (one)' BBQ for members and relatives at a cost of £0.

But there are other telling measures worth noting. Our mailing list and membership list amounts to 260 addresses now. As well as the 61 subscribes, we have 37 members attending meetings regularly and a further 46 who have at least had a taste of us and our programme.

If you aren't one of them, you should be as you are missing out. Especially when all you have to do is look at the Events in this Region area of the JEC website and then mail the Region contact (and you can even do that directly via the website itself). Easy !!