JEC Oxfordshire Region Members Enjoy An Open Night With Drive on Tuesday 8th June to Long Hanborough

Now that the Government's Unlocking Timetable allowed meeting up indoors, the JEC Oxfordshire Region's stalwarts (plus some new members, partners and friends) were determined to pick back up our traditional Open Nights. The George & Dragon at Long Hanborough is a favourite and a great time was had in the pub's open-plan conservatory.

A Great Collections of Jaguars Came Together To Put On Quite A Show

This was Oxfordshire Region's first 'entirely legal' Open Night since the pandemic began. We know this friendly pub well and have used its conservatory area before. This was reserved for us - in tables of 4 and 6 - for 20, by various members, and we filled the spaces.

We were particularly pleased to welcome an almost new member and his partner, Steve and Annette Gilligan. Steve will be at the Festival in his lovely XJS and is having a driving experience too.

Our plan was to converge on the pub from the cardinal points of the compass by 19:00 as usual. Groups followed curated country / pretty routes in. These were:

From the East / Thame with Barry Hack via Shabbington, Ickford, Worminghall, Stanton St John and Islip.

From the North / Banbury with Andy North via Aynho, Deddington, Tackley, and Woodstock.

From the West / Witney with Steve Penny via Hailey, Fawler, Stonesfield and Combe.

From the South / Abingdon with Chris Allen via Standlake, Stanton Harcourt, Eynsham and Church Hanborough.

Long Han Gd 0621 006
Long Han Gd 0621 018
Long Han Gd 0621 013
Long Han Gd 0621 004

John Reed was our man co-ordinating with the pub & welcoming us on arrival.

John, accompanied by his wife Angie, were literally the 'home team', walking to the pub from their home a matter of yards away. Thir welcome was echoed by Keith Dearing, another local, and the Region Chairman Steve Daniels.

The collected cars (3 x E-Types, an XF, an F-Pace, 2 x XJSs, 2 x XKs, a Mark X, a Daimler and an SS100) made a great display.

It was notable how many passers-by stopped for a closer look, including a passing XJS.

Long Han Gd 0621 021
Long Han Gd 0621 010
Long Han Gd 0621 007
Long Han Gd 0621 002

And Now We Look Forward to the Full Unlock When we Will be Off - That Very Day - To Bridgnorth to CMC & SNG Barratt

And then it will be the Jaguar Summer Festival on Sunday 4th July at Bicester Heritage.

Long Han Gd 0621 019
Long Han Gd 0621 016
Long Han Gd 0621 013
Long Han Gd 0621 008