JEC Oxfordshire Region holds an Xmas Catch-Up Over Zoom on 15th December 2020

13 members of the Oxfordshire JEC Region got together over zoom to exchange season's greetings, receive an update of plans for the JEC / JDC Festival over the weekend of 14 - 16 May - for which it is the host region, as we return to Bicester Heritage and Blenheim Palace - and to discuss ideas for the Region Programme to take us through to March 2022. There were no lack of ideas....

That said, there were some 'interesting' festive garments on show as well as a range of seasonal delicacies.

Despite Coronavirus and the lockdowns caused by it, the Oxfordshire Region has kept going and pretty successfully too. We also have another good zoom talk by Ian Whittle in January.

With talk of vaccines, the tide may just be turning and as a group it had been agreed that we ought to be planning 'what, where and how' from February onwards - whatever the scenario will be.

Those attending the zoom call - with alcoholic drinks of many varieties in hand - heard about the 'fun and games' for some members the day before at the Festival Photoshoot at Blenheim Palace (see separate news item).

Steve Daniels, as Region Chair and member of the Festival Working Group - provided an update on where the plans for the Festival weekend have reached. A fantastic weekend is certainly in the offing and the members on the call pledged themselves as workers once again to help deliver it on the days.

The plan for a driving experiences days on the Saturday at Bicester Heritage certainly fired the imaginations.

As for the programme planning, the ideas followed thick and fast, combining both doing the things we'd originally planned to do in 2020 with a number of great new ideas. Whilst the work now needs to be done to turn into a booked programme, the 'long list items' are:

1. Re-arranging our Thames Boat Trip and Drive.

2. Bicester Heritage Scrambles in January, April (to lead for the Club as part of Drive It Day) and June.

3. Veterans @ Heritage in August.

4. Seeking a Talk from Harry Metcalfe of Harry's Garage and talks by Sir John Egan and from Clive Parker.

5. Visits to Nitron Suspensions, the Aerospace Museum in Bristol, Steam in Swindon, CMC at Bridgenorth, P&A Wood, re Rolls Royces, in Essex, the Vulcan at Wellesbourne, the McAlpine Railway at Henley.

6. Resuming Region 2nd Tuesday Open Nights just as soon as Covid-19 restrictions again allow them.

7. The JEC / JDC Festival in May (of course).

8. A drive to the coast +/or Portdsmouth for a Fish & Chip tea.

9. The Club & Region AGMs in February and March respectively.

10. Salon Privee at Blenheim Palace in September, where the JEC is to be the featured club.

So, as usual, the JEC Oxfordshire Region will be delivering a full-on programme throughout 2021.

As always, we will actively welcome new members in Oxfordshire and as many members of other regions as care to join in.

Similarly, for as long as Covid-19 limits us to zoom sessions, as many of these as are possible / appropriate, we will be offering them out to members of the club nationally.

See you in 2021 !!