JEC Oxfordshire Region Executes It's AGM over Zoom on 9th March

Immediately after it's session with Dale Masterman of Meguiars (see the separate report), more than 20 members of the JEC Oxfordshire Region successfully executed it's 3rd AGM on 9th March. Whilst using zoom made any formal elections practically impossible, importasnt decisionms were taken, accounts approved and a new Region Committee Member co-opted (largely willingly !).

A Highly Productive Hour

This news report is essentially provided to give due visibility and transparency to the decisions taken at the Region AGM. Whilst a record attendance was achieved, no doubt still more would have been present if only we could have met in person.

Steve Daniels gave his report and Chris Allen summarised the (healthy) financial status of the Region. Both reports were received and accepted. It was also decided to not charge existing subscribers for the next 12 months and to ensure that those 56 people get due priority bookings etc. in the very special events we will hold in the coming year+ programme. In the margins of the financial report another £80 of umbrellas also got sold !!

The existing committee were all prepared to carry on with the one exception of Derek Weale who has had to step down to be able to concentrate on new family caring duties that have occurred. Derek will still be a source of advice and contacts to us. Nick Morse, a loyal and active member of the Region, was co-opted and appreciated for allowing this by all present.

The Region was pleased to have been able to donate £300 to YoungDementiaUK, despite the pandemic, and it was resolved that the Brain Tunour Charity would be our partner charity for 2021-22.

The members also resolved to make a gesture to thank Graham Searle for causing the Region to exist on the occassion of his semi-retirement from the JEC.

And So The FocUs Shifted To the Future

A general update was shared on the status of the Festival, following it transfer to Bicester Heritage on Sunday 4th July. As the 'spiritual home' of the Region, members were even more pleased to hosting the Festivasl and recommitted themselves to working on the day - and the day before - to make it happen. No less than 24 region members will be heavily involved - in preparations, traffic marshalling and executing the Driving Experiences.

Every attending member with an anniversary model will be parking in those areas with the rest being able to be together, merely by fact of being at 'BH' from about 06:00 !!

Plans werre put in place to survey the c.72 members who have specifically made themselves known to the region but not yet attended any meeting over 3 years. No problem if not, but we want to ensure we are serving those members.

Discussions then concluded with programme ideas and priorities as lockdown eases. After another zoom on 13th April - "What I did to my Jaguar(s) during lockdown" - the hope is to hold an open night - respecting the rule of 6s - at a local pub on Tuesday 27th April.

Then we will be picking a 'May Extravaganza' from a long list:

Visit to SS Great Britain with Fish & Chips, Bovingdon Tank Museum, the Vulcan @ Wellesbourne, combining a BBQ with our August '[email protected]', clay Pidgeon Shooting in Banbury, the GWSR @ Winchcombe or a retry for our Boat Trip.

It remains 'all g' in the Oxfordshire Region !