JEC Oxfordshire Provides The Jaguar Fleet for a 4th [email protected] Meeting Hosted by Mission Motorsport at Bicester Heritage

This was actually the 4th time for the Oxfordshire Region supporting this very worthwhile cause, at what can be considered to be the Region’s spiritual home. [email protected] allows them, their relatives, dependents and other claimants to access support and life-affirmation within a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 30 Jaguars, from the JEC Oxfordshire Region and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, made up the car experience fleet for the event including.

Bicester Heritage facilitates these regular events by donating the track time, and other facilities. These events form part of the contribution by Mission Motorsport and Bicester Heritage that derives from them being signatories of the, recently more formalised, Military Covenant. This has been designed to enhance the experiences of serving personnel and their relatives within the civilian environment.

The Oxfordshire Region was seeking to make it bigger and more spectacular whilst fully appreciating that it would be a great day out and a wonderful excuse to be putting their Jaguars around the test circuit. The JEC was particularly greatful to Meguiars for the donation of Ultimate Fast finish packs for all attendees. There was then a BBQ afterwards for all those that staff and facilitate these events, funded from Oxfordshire’s Summer Jaguar Festival earnings.

The Oxfordshire Region is now itself a 'Veteran' at 'Veterans @ Heritage' events !

Every quarter, Bicester Heritage gives over it's test circuit to Mission Motorsport for this event and, at least once a year, the JEC Oxfordshire Region provides a fleet of Jaguars, getting therefore to drive their own cars on the Bicester Heritage track.

This time it was set to be a bit different ! In psrt o thank the Region for it's Festival work, the JDHT returned with a fleet of cars once more - the goldmember and 'Zao' / Ice Palace XKs but also a very special XJS - that owned and used by Princess Diana. We had hoped to have the 1957 2nd placed Long Nose D-Type back again too, but unfortunately, Goodwood Revival preparations had got in the way. A very kind and generous Region Member attended with both his Project 7 and Project 8 cars. With our own members' cars too, this made for a fantastic selection of cars for the Visitors, MM staff, other Event staff, JDHT staff, BH staff and Oxfordshire Region Members to have rides in.

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Unlike the beginning and end of the Festival’s Sunday, this day dawned and stayed fine throughout

It was even sufficient to start some sunburn or deepen existing tans !

As 09:00 rolled around a wide range of fine Jaguar cars arrived and formed up into two pit lanes suitable for track access. Altogether there were some 30 members’ cars present, ranging from E-Types to F-Types with all sorts XJSs, XKs, XFs, XJs and Daimlers in between,another Member’s E-Type was being repaired. So he came in Audrey, his wife’s lovely Morris Traveller, springing happy memories (and rides) for many of those present.

All the cars got to go out on many experience drives and there was many a tired driver at the end of the day.

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Great Memories Are Made On Days Like These

Few will have as deep Wilton carpet in their homes let alone in their Jaguar, compared to that found in the Pricess Diana XJS ! Tony Merrygold very kindly commented, to the Oxfordshire Region Chairman as they wafted around the track “We believe it is important to keep these iconic Jaguars working. There's only ever a limited amount to be found out about these cars if they only drift down a motorway every so often”.

There was certainly a continuous flow of customers for the passenger rides, right from 10:00 until 15:00. The incredibly broad smiles on the many faces, and the hubbub of chat and military banter, make doing events like this so very worthwhile. But some rides were always going to be more memorable than others.

To be going at full pelt around the track in a fast Jaguar and to be asked by Mary, a mere 103 year-old, to “go faster, go faster” is not going to be something one is ever likely to forget.....

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Happy but Somewhat Dizzy, It Was Time to BBQ

Having completed his Podast recording, our Club’s Reporter - Wayne Scott – was keen to record the sound of Jaguars on the track. With no further ado, a parade lap of all the Jaguars took place that was also filmed and uploaded to YouTube by one of the Veteran attendees. Feel free to search for . And thank you Luke Woods of Black Bear Bikes !

But the day was not yet over. Bicester Heritage had also kindly provided their BBQ facilities for the evening. The Oxfordshire Region was keen to demonstrate the JEC’s thanks for all the work and generosity of the involved organisations. Therefore, the staffs of Bicester Heritage, Mission Motorsport, the Team from the JDHT – as well as some of the Veterans, the Region Members and many of their partners - came together for a most enjoyable and relaxing meal.

And so a wonderful day came to a most pleasant conclusion. But there’s always next year….

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