JEC Oxfordshire & Other Regions Enjoy a 'Brisk' Scramble at Bicester Heritage

It might have been January, but nearly 50 Club Member's Jaguars, from a range of JEC Regions turned up at Scramble to display their vehicles on the prime area now routinely allocated to the JEC. They were joined there by at least 50 other Jaguars, 6,000 people and c.3,000 cars. Many rare, exciting, dazzling and eye-popping Jaguars were displayed.

These ranged from a large cross-section of the various models of the E-Type, an electric (!) XK140, a 420 being rebuilt in one of the Bicester Heritage Tenant's workshops, a continuation XKSS and a real beast of a 'Project 8' XE SVO.

Scrambles are proving to be ever more popular and a sell out weeks ahead. And the Scramble on January 5th was no different - starting 2020 with a bang. f you've not been you are missing out. The JEC Oxfordshire Region was again joined by members from 3 other Regions.

6 Regions - from as far afield as Derbyshire ! - and nearly 100 cars were represented at the October Scramble, where the JEC presence was particularly evident. Sir William Lyon's XJ was present. Ian Callum, JLR's ex-Chief Designer, even parked his F-Type SVR on our stand and chatted to some of our members.

The January Scramble could not expect to match that but, none the less, a great display was still delivered with members from Oxfordshire, N&NW London, Kent South, Hants and Central Regions present.

As the picture galley shows, there was a stunning range of Jaguars on show, both on and off our stand. If only we could purloin a few of the other attendees to come and display with us.....

Attendees booking for Scramble on our club code get a much discounted entry price and a guranteed space in the JEC area that - due to the Oxfordshire Region Chairman's insider positioning - is prime within the site.

Might we hope to see you in April ??

Scramble 0120 011
Scramble 0120 Bh Xe P8 Svo
Scramble 0120 Jl 01
Scramble 0120 005
Scramble 0120 Bh Cont Xkss
Scramble 0120 002
Scramble 0120 009
Scramble 0120 Bh 420