JEC Oxfordshire Makes Annual Charity Donation, This Time To Young Dementia UK

At the Region AGM in March 2020, Oxfordshire selected Young Dementia UK as its 2020 charity, But the Covid-19 pandemic largely put paid to opportunities to fund raise whilst all charities find it very hard to raise the necessary funds to keep going, especially 'niche' charities doing important work that aren't household names. With no costly activities, JEC Oxfordshire Region's Committee decided to make good its inability to undertake fundraising by making a donation instead.

A Very important & Worthwhile Charity

Most people think of Dementia as being sonething suffered exclusively by the very old, but this simply is not so. 'Young Dementia' may sound like a charity targeting children and young people, but the charities recipients are those in the 30 to 65 age range, whose life chances can be blighted by this life-changing and life-limiting diagnosis & condition.

"I was in a very demanding job and had great career prospects....But on that fateful afternoon, everything changed, and I felt cut down in my prime...."

Christine, diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer's disease at the age of just 46.

Right now, there is still a poor understanding of the needs and wants of younger people living with dementia, a lack of age-appropriate help and resources.

The charity's aim therefore is for everyone affected by young-onset dementia to have access to specialist support and live life as fully as possible.

What more Appropriate Cause Could There Be For a Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Region ?

The JEC Oxfordshire Region's policy is to adopt a charity each year to be the recipient of funds raised during the year and for that charity to be 'age-relevant' to the majority of our members.

And if any more justification was needed for selecting this charity, some of our members have relatives suffering with the condition and many more knew of others who do. It was no surprise therefore that the vote to select this charity was unanimous and popular.

Region Substitutes Its Intended Fundraising With A Direct Donation

Covid-19 has inevitably prevented the JEC Oxfordshire Region from undertaking fund raising but it has also left it with a surplus of funds.

Therefore, the Region Committee, again unanimously and transparently, decided to make a £300 donation to Young Dementia UK.

It is to be hoped that social distancing constraints and other 'lock-down' measures will be relaxed in early 2021 to give the Region more time to fundraise for the Charity and outperform its 2019-20 fundraising of a total of £550 for Sobell House, the Oxfordshire Hospice Charity.

At our AGM in March 2021 the Region will then choose another charity to support. This is highly likely to be a Cancer / Brain Tumour charity, especially as the partner of one of our members has recently survived operations and treatment for such a condition where it would only have been a mattrer of weeks until it would have been too late. Another most worthwhile cause.