JEC Oxfordshire Enjoys a Wonderful Visit to Fiennes Restoration

A number of JEC Oxfordshire Region members have had great work done by Fiennes Restoration and strongly recommended a visit. After Prodrive of Banbury had proven impossible to tie down to a visit for more than a year, these good people stepped in at short notice and provided an excellent evening.

Rolls Royce Chassis At Start Of Rebuild Fiennes
Beautiful Roller In For A Service Fiennes
Ghost Roller Engine Block Fiennes
Concours Roller Fiennes

Jaguar drivers drool over Rolls Royces. Will the JEC's Oxfordshire Region now lose members !?!

Fiennes Restoration are a partner of the JEC and are located in a wonderful part of Oxfordshire, on the edge of the Cotswolds. They had recently held an Open Day, to which the JEC Oxfordshire Region was unable to field any members.

Founded in 1976 by Will Fiennes, who brought his experience as a nuclear physicist and tribologist to his passion for Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars, to become a well-recognised and well-reputed automotive restorers. Fiennes responded enthusiastically when we approached them, only a couple of months ago, to see if we could visit them. As well as laying on tea, coffee and biscuits, they even provided some prosecco !! JEC Oxfordshire greatly appreciates their flexibility to provide an excellent first visit of our 2019-2020 year and for all the time taken by the team to taslk us through what they do and then answer our many questions.

Getting there was also a very pleasant county drive for many or our members, to Filkins where they are based.