JEC Oxfordshire Enjoys A Stimulating Visit to Nitron Racing Shocks on 18th November

14 JEC Oxfordshire Members enjoyed a stimulating visit to Nitron Racing Shocks, seeing their impressive and extensive range of specialist dampers for road, track and off-road cars & bikes, plus the owner's collection of cars undergoing restoration.

Who knew that the making of shoick absorbers (or more properly dampers) could be quite so fascinating and absorbing ?

Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998, when founded by Guy Evans, who hosted our visit. Guy's talk and tour of the facilities (and his fleet of restoration cars) was ably supported by our Treasurer’s son, Peter, and by Map who provided a wonderful range of drinks, caks and biscouts.

Nitro, has gone from strength to strength, producing winning shocks for customers all over the world. There are now over 200 Nitron dealers across Europe, Asia, the US, Australasia and Africa and Nitron have specifications (and the requisite parts and facilities) to make about 18,000 dampers a year for more than 800 motorbikes and a similar number of cars.

In 2008, Nitron moved to a new facility in Eynsham to place it in the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’. This was part of the company’s expansion programme, to enable an increase in production and a continuation of Nitron’s ability to push the limits of suspension technology using state-of-the-art Dynomometers, 5-Axis CNC machines, 3D CAD techniques and printing machines.

They will shortly expand further, having run out of capacity at Eynsham, with a move to even larger premises at Witney.

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And Guy's Car Collection Also Captured Members' Interest

The advantage of being the factory owner allows Guy the space to indulge his other passion of creating and restoring a number of interesting race cars, including Cobra, Triumph and other models.

Seeing Guy's painstakingly careful design, engineering and manufacturing work on these vehicles was inspirational and delivered to you all the reassurance you'd ever want about adopting Nitron Racing Shocks on your own cars and bikes.

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