JEC Oxfordshire Enjoys a Photo Competition for its 3rd Zoom Meeting

Whilst Covid-19 Prevents the Oxfordshire Region Meeting In Person, It Again Fails to End the Pleasure from 'Jaguar-Friends' who Enjoyed a Most Successful Photo Competition. Three categories were fought for and a 'best photo in show' was announced - though there was a small amount of consternation that it was not a Jaguar !!

It was an amusing but tightly fought contest over three classes

The three classes were:

'Smart & Shiny'

'Mean, Moody and / or Magnificent'

'I can dream can't I ?'

The Region Treasurer, perhaps with one eye on the funds, then declared the 'best photo in the show'. and that - shock horror - was the Bugatti Veyron above....

Two class winners were supplied by the same Region member who nearly made it 3 out of 3. But the winners were the images below:

Peter T Xj Engine
Peter T D Type
Peter T Mk2 With Xk Engine

Lots of Great Cars Made It Into the Smart & Shiny Class:

It became patently obvious that Region members have been cleaning and polishing extensively as a way to get exercise during the pandemic. Meguiars and similar must be being kept busy !

Chris A Smart Shiny
David R Smart Shiny
Barry H Smart Shiny
Derek W Smart Shiny
John L Smart Shiny

The Mean, Moody & / Or Magnificent Class was also closely fought:

It was very quickly clear that Region Members are attracted by character, even if its not shiny !

David R Mean Moddy Magn
Derek W Mean Moody Magnificent
Barry H Mean Moody
Nick M Pacific Ships
John R Mean

And Boy Do Our Members' Dream !

In most cases, the price ticket attached to those dreams mean that's what they will stay....

John L I Can Dream
Chris A I Can Dream
Derek W I Can Dream

It was certainly a great way to while away an evening.....

.... whilst we await the opportunity to meet once more in person.

We intend our Tuesday 14th July Open Night to take place either at a pub with a large garden or in another open space where we can still socially distance but at least look at some Jaguars that are not our own !

And then it will be our August Open Night, our Veterans @ Heritage Event on 19th August and our Boat Trip on 17th September. Please see our event announcements. Can we hope to see you there !?!