JEC Oxfordshire & At Least 8 Other Regions Enjoyed An Evening With Dale Masterman of Meguiars & Tom Robinson of Swallows on Tuesday 9th March

35 JEC members from Oxfordshire, and at Least 8 other, Regions met up over zoom on 9th March to enjoy an evening with Dale Masterman of Meguiars, Tom Robinson of Swallows and the Club's Andy Webber to hear about the Meguiars product range and the resto-conversion of a Jaguar S-Type R into a race machine. In the process, members obtained valuable guidance on getting the very best out of the already excellent Meguiars products.

The Oxfordshire Region then held it's Annual General Meeting, but that's a different story...

Meguiars - Providers of Premium-Quality Car Care Products & Major Sponsors of the JEC

Meguiars really needs littler or no introduction as a Sponsor of the JEC. Nor really does their product range. Whilst their car-care guru Dale Masterman is at least as well known, he kindly gave those present a little bit of history about his career history in paint and presentation. A 'paint' man right from leaving school, he progressively got interested and involved with car presentation. Wanting always to get to be a part of one of the major players, he realised his dream of working with Meguiars some 5 years ago.

Meguiars actually started out in the household products arena, then moved into car treatment, initially working with the car care professionals. But they then evolved in providing consumer products in the '70s and gained a direct presence in the UK some 20 years ago. The relationship with the JEC is a significant and important one for both parties, with a Jaguar routinely present on the Meguiars stand at the NEC Show each year.

Visits to Meguiars' UK HQ in Daventry, for product demonstrations, are not possible in the teeth of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dale therefore did his best, within the constraints of zoom, to overview the products in words. It actually turned out that very many of the members present were indeed keen users of Meguiars products and considerable value was gained from the Q&A session that addressed such matters as whether there were combinations of products that should not be used (answer No), how to ensure no streaky end results (ensure that the products are used sparingly /not reloading applicators etc. until no more is evidently going onto a panel), how do you know you've got enough on (think a 10p piece worth per square metere / panel), if I do a waxing once a year, can I use an Express Spray in between whiles after each was (Yes, you can and should).

Indeed, Dale's particular tips was, between major cleans and treatments, make a point of using a product like te 'Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax' to checl up the appearance and keep down any dulling and dirtying. Great too that you don't need access to any tap, so great for shows !!

And Then it was Time to To Hear About The Demon Resto-modification of an S-Type R

This joint project of Dale at Meguiars a nd Tom Robinson of Swallows has already been a topic of great interest to the Jaguar community, but the attendees at this session had the extra treat of having Tom join in. This session clearly indicated how beneficial to the JEC having Tom on our Technical Panel would be as well as how much members will gain from the club zoom session with him on 17th.

The members were pleased to hear that this project would also be covered in some detail both in our own 'Enthusiast' magazine and in Jaguar World. Better still, all parties hope to have this car at the JEC / JDC Festival on July 4th when it is also hoped it will parade around the Bicester Heritage Test Circuit in the company of a D-Type - with which it has a number of stylistic features in common.

This project is about delivering a show ready car rather more than an actual racer, even though it will be entirely capable of that. 'Pace car' like roles therefore beckon. The list of work done was undoubtedly extensive and impressive and yet the car still looks entirely like an S-Type - even if one 'on acid'.

Certainly the 'sub-5 seconds' 0-60 - as a result of losing 150Kg of weight, a manual box delivering 40hp more to the rear wheels and a launch control system should be eye catching. The trick will be to be there (wherever) when that's being proven.....

So, a Great Evening All Round !

The only way to improve on it will be to see the car in the flesh, hopefully at the JEC / JDC Festival.