CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - JEC GLASGOW REGION - This is just an upload to our News Page to advise everyone that JEC Glasgow Region is alive and well, despite the fact that the Coronavirus Pandemic has had a dramatic effect on our regional activities. As you know we have not had a Regional Meeting since March at our member dinner at the Burnside Hotel. All events and meetings for the rest of this year, including our AGM, have been cancelled.

It is hoped that if the pandemic situation improves that we should plan our 2021 events calendar based on what we would have done this year, with a few tweaks here and there as and when required.

Also members who have paid their regional fees for 2020 will not be required to pay that fee for 2021.

All current Regional Committee members have confirmed that they are willing to stay in their respective positions for 2021. We hope that all members maintain their enthusiasm for club membership and return to club meetings and events and activities when that opportunity occurs...........the sooner the better.

We would encourage all prospective new regional members to contact us through the regional contact link and we shall respond to you and advise regarding JEC Glasgow Region and what we can do to enhance your Jaguar or Daimler ownership.

In the meantime we hope that you are all still enjoying your cars and staying safe for yourselves and your families.

Ron Hutchison

Jaguar Woolly Jumper Glasgow Style