Bicester Scramble January 2020

So the day dawned grey and damp, and also without much Jaguar company at Leicester Forest East. Nonetheless, by 9.30 Bicester Heritage was already beginning to fill up...

Rain doesn't usually coincide with visits to Bicester Heritage (BH), and luckily it didn't amount to much today. The ticket sales closed a week before the event, such is the popularity of BH. The queues for the coffee and butties were already long by 9.45 and only got worse as the morning wore on.

The exhibits though, were of the usual high quality and very varied. The Jaguars kept popping up everywhere though, sometimes in groups and sometimes solo.

Quite a few of JLR's 'Recreations' (or should that be 'Continuations'?) appeared in favoured spots, and usually protected from the weather and thronging crowds. Does anyone know the value of the cars attending?

Some 'Moderns' managed to wangle their way into the centre, such as the SV pictured here. Dig the carbon fibre!

But the classics are the stars really at Bicester, and there were plenty of them of all shapes and sizes. I have shown the Jaguar's here, but there are plenty of oddballs, including half tracked vehicles, American motors including several pickups, many old Bentleys, including the one that passed me on the A43 at full chat, hood up but no sidesceens! I thought he was going to take off!

It was good to see some new businesses taking over the renovated buildings at BH. The plans for the new hotel have been approved and BH keeps going from strength to strength. I particularly liked seeing the Bentleys being restored at Kingsbury Racing Engines in what was previously 'The Incendiary Store' (see photo below!).

Our friends at Oxford Region did another fantastic job of marshalling the visiting Jaguars and also the signage to guide the vehicles to the pitch, identified by the JEC flagpoles from a distance. Again they had the pitch next to the Control Tower. Well done chaps!

The next Scramble is Drive it Day, 26th April. See you there!

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