Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble October 19

The brave souls from the JEC Derbyshire Region ventured forth to join with six other regions at the October Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage

For the first time, Derbyshire Region attended the Sunday Scramble at Bicester along with six other regions. The weather forecast was not good, but Phil Cheetham had another word with his pals at the Met Office and conjured up another day of fantastic weather, just like he did for Whitby earlier in the year! Well done Phil!

So it was an early start. meeting at Leicester Forest East services on the M1 before driving in convoy to Bicester, following Hartley in his XK via a cunning shortcut avoiding the Bicester Ring Road which gets very busy on Scramble days. We were rewarded with a swift entry to the site, after which we began the 'hunt the JEC pitch' game. We had been allocated a pitch near the old control tower (not where we've been in the past) but the flags and marshalling from the Oxford contingent soon saw us parked up.

Derbyshire Flag duly erected, and picture evidence secured, Phil, Hartley and his friend John together newbies Andy and Lyn Gibson (welcome, hope to see you again soon) set off in search of the obligatory Bacon sarnie and a coffee. Lionel and Brenda were already parked up and off exploring the delights of the site having arrived separately. So with 4 cars in total from the region, not a bad effort! There were six other regions present, so the JEC display was indeed magnificent.

The Sunday Scramble is difficult to describe accurately. Think of it as a car show like no other, in proper period surroundings. If you like this sort of thing, even the Home Guard was present to add some more to the mix!

Cars of all makes, sizes, ages and styles were present within the site. The consensus afterwards was that it is difficult to pick a favourite car/vehicle because most of us were so blown away we couldn't think straight!

There were Jaguars dotted throughout the site, not just in the JEC display. They just kept popping up everywhere! Jaguar Heritage Trust had a few cars there too, as well as other clubs and individuals.

Well done to the Oxfordshire Region for co-ordinating the JEC arrangements and parking. The next scramble will be January 2020.

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