JEC Oxfordshire's Summer Extravaganza Event 2020 - A County Drive & Boat Trip For 60 People - AS AT 16th MARCH WE STILL HOPE THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE

Drive Around The County & Boat Trip From Runnymede in Surrey
23rd July 2020
09:30 - 17:30
£25 per person - families VERY welcome - AS AT 16th MARCH WE STILL HOPE THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE

In 2019, the JEC Oxfordshire 'went large' to complete the year's programme with a Barbeque for 40. We were always determined to go 'bigger and better' in 2020 with a County Drive and Boat Trip. And now we have the details !!

On Thursday 23rd July JEC members from with and without of Oxfordshire will be able to come together to enjoy a drive around a part of the shire, a lunch at a pub and then 4 hours on a wonderful Thames boat departing from the Runnymede boat quay.

We will converge in an appropriate location to the south of Oxfordshire and follow the ultimate in 'pretty route' to a pub for lunch that is in striking distance of Runnymede - which is by then in Surrey of course. Whilst we don't know which pub it will be yet it, will be big enough for 60 of us and for our cars. We will also ensure that it is itself attractive and that it has some good views.

And then we will be off to French Borthers, no doubt passing the Magna Carta Memorial and the RAF & Aviation Memorial (amongst other Runnymede sights), to board their Bray Royale (pictured). With soft background music (and a pay bar for those that need it), we will waft along the Thames to see other beautiful and memorable sites - such as Windsor Castle and Thames wildlife - in comfort.

And all of this for a mere £25 for Oxford JEC and £30 for those from outside the county, including a small subsidy that is only possible as a result of our well-managed finances and marginal profits on everything else we've done since we were inaugurated in June 2018.

Bookings will obviously be prioritised in favour of Oxfordshire Region subscribers then JEC members in Oxfordshire who have attended some of our events and then other JEC members in our 'territory'. But that does not mean we won't welcome other JEC members and partners. Indeed, we'd love to have you join us and fly your Region flag alongside ours.

But anyone who wants to attend should really be booking with the Regional Representative immediately. We're confident that it represents incredible value for money and that it will be THAT popular.

We look forward to hearing from you and then seeing you.....