JEC Oxfordshire to Visit Ivan Dutton's Bugatti Workshop

Ivan Dutton Limited, Peacehaven Farm, Worminghall Road, Ickford, near Thame, HP18 9JE
18th November 2019
17:30 - 20:30
£5 per person, with numbers limited to 20, Priority will therefore be given to JEC Oxfordshire Subscribers
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Having visited a restorer of Rolls Royces in September, JEC Oxfordshire continues the theme with Bugattis in November

Continuing the JEC Oxfordshire Region's commitment to rotating around the shire, we return to the East of the County for another look at a marque other than Jaguar !

Ivan Dutton are well known as restorers of rare and exquisite Bugattis, applying rare engineering skills to the process. They have a well-earned reputation for turning out some wonderfully refurbished cars.

After a tour of the workshop, attendees - all of whom must pre-book with the contact above,will adjourn to a local hostelry for a refreshing drink before heading home saying to themselves "if only....".

Will we see you there ?

Bugatti Ickford
Bugatti Ickford Workshop
Bugatti Ickford Chassis