JEC Oxfordshire to Co-ordinate Club Attendance at Bicester Heritage's 'Scramble' - Sunday 5th January 2020

Bicester Heritage, Skimmingdish Lane, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 5HA
5th January 2020
08:30 - 14:00
Bicester Heritage will release 2020 pricing very soon !
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6 Regions - from as far afield as Derbyshire ! - and nearly 100 cars were represented at the October Scramble, where the JEC presence was particularly evident. Sir William Lyon's XJ was present. Ian Callum, JLR's ex-Chief Designer, even parked his F-Type SVR on our stand and chatted to some of our members.

This event is proving to be ever more popular and a sell out weeks ahead. If you've not been you've missed out. And those who visited the site as part of the JEC Festival weekend only got a hint of the riches to be found at a Scramble.

Attendees booking on our club code (JECOX0120) get a much discounted entry price and a guaranteed space in the JEC area that - due to the Oxfordshire Region Chairman's insider positioning - is prime within the site. Flight One tickets, available until 24:00 18/11, attract a 50% discount to £5.50. Flight two tickets, available from then until 24:00 04/12 get a 25% discount to £8.25. Then, until 24:00 Wednesday 01/01/2020, the club tickets are still available but at the full price of £11.00. There are no tickets available for the club area after that and there will be no ticket sales on the gate.

To book use the following Bicester Heritage link:

Please ensure that you select the ‘Classic or Club Pass’ option that is offered when you put in the code above. This applies whatever age your vehicle is as long as it is a club appropriate vehicle.Jaguar or Daimler. Bicester Heritage seeks to encourage pre-1990 vehicle bookings, aiming for as close to 50% of those attending, but all are welcome.

When you've booked, please advise the contact below that you are coming and what in, so that we can create a great display.

As a car club going places, let's put on a real show with as many cars, Regions, flags and banners as we can muster.