JEC Oxfordshire Region's End of Year BBQ

Bicester Heritage, Skimmingdish Lane, Bicester, Oxon
17th July 2019
18:00 - 22:00
£10 per member or partner. £5 for children.

Having by this point held no less than 25 events and met at least twice a month since September 2018, we will be celebrating with a BBQ at our spiritual home and have invited members of the Swindon Region and South Cotswold Jaguar Community to join us.

It was a broadly similar event that 'kicked us off' last year. This year we will again have lots to eat (once we've secured volunteers to cook it all) and hopefully the Wriggly Monkey Brewery (a Bicester Heritage tenant who ran a popular bar at the JEC Festival in May) will be able to supply us with some beer.

As Bicester Heritage, and a good number of their tenants, have been a great support to us through the year, we will also be inviting some of them to join us.

It should be a great evening where there is obviously a LOT of space in which to display, examine and discuss our cars !!