From London to Beijing by Motorbike

26th August 2020
19:45 - 21:30
07768 537940

In April 2019, Scott Roberts set off from the Ace Café, London, with a group of 19 fellow bikers, set for a three-month adventure that would take them 13,200 miles through 20 countries, up to altitudes of 18,000 ft and temperature extremes of -5oC to +40oC

Scott is 54 years old, lives near Wantage, Oxfordshire, his background is science (PhD) and engineering, worked at Harwell for 12 years, did MBA at Cranfield and is now running an engineering-led business which employs 220 people and has a turnover of £23 million. His hobbies include motorbikes, cars and planes.

He will be sharing with us his experiences from this 'adventure of a lifetime' - definitely not to be missed.

It is unlikely that we will be able to meet up physically so once again we will share the evening on Zoom. Please email to reserve your place on what promises to be a fascinating evening.

Here's a 'taster' from Scott

It had been a long journey so far. Two months on the road. Fatigued and weary from weeks at high altitude, I reached a gap in the mountain pass and pulled in. I lifted my visor, got off my bike and stared; motionless. Mount Everest was magical, set proud against the dark blue sky. It was a special moment.

Three years previously, I signed up with Globebusters, a motorcycle adventure company, to ride from London to Beijing. I’ve always had bikes. I’ve raced them, toured with them, crashed and repaired them. But I’d never taken one on an epic adventure. I was getting older and keen to swap speed for distance. This seemed like the perfect trip...