How to join the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Annual General Meeting 2022

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The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Annual General Meeting is taking place digitally, via a web conferencing platform this year.

You can access the minutes from 2020, financial statements, draft Regional Constitution and reports by logging in and viewing this page:

where you will find download links for information prior and during the meeting.

Once you have registered you will be able to join the meeting on Saturday 29th January 2022 from 10:30 GMT. At which point you will see a countdown until the meeting commences at 11 am. The instructions for joining are as follows.

How to join the meeting

Joining the meeting is very simple. It will work with any browser and on any device, but for best results, use Google Chrome running on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

To attend, simply click this link or copy and paste this link into your browser:

You will arrive on a landing page and will be prompted to enter your email address.

IMPORTANT: This MUST be the email address you used to register your attendance. You can register and enter the meeting by clicking "need to register - click here" and entering your details.

There is no need for any further information to be input at this stage - we know who you are!

Please note - logins will only show content from 10:30 on Saturday 29 January 2022.

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Set your sound properly

When you click log in, you will be entered into the AGM. Here, you will be presented with the screens below, with the video on the right and the interactive window on the left.

TOP TIP: Your video player on most browsers will default to being on mute, so un-mute it as per below if you have no sound. If you still cannot hear after ensuring the volume on the player is turned up, then check your computer volume settings and mute buttons.

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How to vote and ask questions

Voting will be announced by the Chairman at various points during the agenda. At that point, tab to the Polls menu item on the interactive window to the left of the screen, tick the box and click Submit to cast your vote. You will have approximately 1 minute to cast your votes before we move on to the next agenda item.

By tabbing between the Polls and Q&A tab, you can switch between the voting and asking questions of the AGM team. We cannot guarantee to be able to answer them all, but we will do our best. Type your question in the box under Q&A and click submit. A moderator will approve it and present it to the meeting, at which point your question will appear to the entire meeting as viewable in the Q&A dialogue box. A record of all questions asked will be kept, so if we don't get to answer your question during the meeting we will endeavour to respond via email afterwards.

Jec Instruction 2 003
Jec Instruction 2 002

Bear with us, please be patient!

We ask of you that you please remain patient during the meeting if a technical glitch might occurs or if we need some time to line up the voting results. We are all learning how to do this for the first time and most of the volunteers presenting are not professional broadcasters! Please bear with us if things go wrong and lets try to have some fun with this new initiative.
If you drop off the call for any reason, you can rejoin at any time by following the steps above.
You can join now to test your audio and video settings and get comfortable with the layout as we are currently running a test card for you.

We will be publishing a recording of the event on the members' pages of the JEC website during the week following the meeting.

Keep safe and well. Thank you for your support!

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