JEC Oxfordshire Mailing List tops 200 and keeps growing

JEC Oxfordshire Mailing List tops 200 and keeps growing


Building upon our programme of activities to date, and not least our massive presence at Bicester Heritage's winter Scramble on 6th January, our 'community' continues to grow.

There are just under 180 JEC members resident kin Oxfordshire, who are all welcome to attend Oxfordshire Region events. When the JEC membership in Oxfordshire is combined with individuals (not as yet JEC Members or JEC members from outside the Region) are added together, our events information is now going to more than 200 people each month.

JEC Oxfordshire's reputation for good events is such that its Membership (i.e. those choosing to pay both JEC and Oxfordshire Membership fees) now has members coming from outside the county as well as from within it.

Another way to look at the early success is that - as of 29th January - the Oxfordshire Region has morew than 100 people who have explicitly engaged with it, with half of those having come to at least one event.

During 2019, the Region has set itself the target of at least 250 contacts and typically 30 members to meetings.

You can be one of them.