JEC South Lincs. - Ed & Helen Didsbury completed the 2018 Round Britain Coastal Drive in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

Ed and Helen Didsbury tell us about their recent Round Britain Challenge in one of only five car's going "all the way".

"The Round Britain Coastal Drive was its third time of running, and only the second time for E Types. The aim was to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and hopefully raise some funds to aid research. Most entrants enrolled for one or two days, some a bit longer, others leaving and rejoining at a later stage. We opted for the full 9 yards. Apparently some 86 cars entered for the RBCD, the most starting any particular stage was the 33 that left Rhiconich in North West Scotland.

Spread over 19 days, the RBCD follows a route close to the coast where practicable, in a clockwise direction. There were approximately 200 miles for each stage with a suggested route and stopping points for lunch and points of interest. Overnight accommodation had to be booked well in advance. It took us a day to get to the start on Pendine Sands near Tenby, South Wales, and a day to get home after the final day, so for us it was a 21 day marathon.

Without the help of the accompanying mechanics we would not have got past day one.

Our list of "unforseen events" included:- a flat tyre as we entered Wales, water in the fuel (twice), no oil pressure reading from Day 3 onwards, electric fan running permanently, rainwater in the car, especially on the left-hand side of the cabin, and failing rear wheel bearing towards the end, not to mention the intermittent wipers, squeaky brakes, passenger door that could not be locked, map-light permanently on and driver's door window that wouldn't wind up properly.

Overall we covered 4,376 miles using around 800 litres of fuel at a cost of just over £1,100 at an average of around 24mpg according to my spreadsheet. As the milometer has always only recorded 9 miles for every 12 travelled, the calculation has to take this into account. We also used I think 3 gallons of Halfords 20/50 oil.

We have had a stunning adventure made possible by the E Type club and their staff. We have made some firm friends along the way and met some wonderful members of the public. Our collection tins and the JustGiving page have made just over £1,100 which we are extremely proud of and I hope that we have helped to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and the impact it is having on us menfolk".