What will Harry and Meghan's next Jaguar be?

On Saturday 19thMay 2018 the Nation and the World stopped in unison to witness the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The ceremony was an uplifting affair shared with the couple’s friends, family and guests who had travelled from around the world to share in the moment. Just as his older brother William drove off in an open top British Classic, Harry stole headlines at the helm of the all-electric Jaguar E-Type. The confetti has settled and the bunting has come down but one question still remains – what will their NEXT Jaguar be?


The wedding Car

Arguably the finest choice for a wedding car, bar a Ferrari 250SWB or the Batmobile, the  E-Type Zero (read more HERE) sends a message to the world about how good the future looks. A perfectly crafted move. This is also the perfect honeymoon car, the timeless curves of the E-Type make it look at home anywhere and the omission of an engine means it’s unlikely to break down. Just make sure that the honeymoon isn’t somewhere too remote!

Lmsipace 1

The 'first child' car

With the arrival of a first born the young couple takes stock of what is really important in life – family. Therefore the new I-Pace is the perfect vehicle with which to transport the new family, the design is safe in a crash and will protect the offspring while the EV technology protects the world for them to enjoy. How idyllic.

Jag Svr 4433

The 'young family' car

Once the joy of childbirth has faded and more infants join the ranks, Harry and Meghan will soon learn that kids get bored on long journeys – this is why they’ll have the new F-Pace SVR. Jaguar’s 5.0L supercharged V8 will drown out the ‘are we there yet’ cries, and will likely cut journey times in half. The perfect Jag for those with young children, running late for their next engagement.

Jaguar Xfrssportbrake0614 794 529 70

The 'kids are off to university' car

The XFR-S Sport Brake - perfect for transporting kitchenware and Strongbow crates to the appropriate Russell Group Uni. It’s discreet enough to not to draw attention but aggressive enough to leave a mark, albeit two long black ones outside the halls of residence.

At this point Harry and Meghan would also take a little slice of England to enjoy on those sunny weekends – we like to think they’d pick up an XK120 for the job.

Img 6457

The 'mid-life crisis' car

An unflattering term for the ‘it’s time to treat myself’ car, this car comes when Harry realises that after years of sacrificing for Queen, country and family, it’s his turn to have some fun. For this we think he’d pick something suitably outlandish – an XJ220, or maybe with his connections he’d land one of the few running CX-75s. Very cool, but will fail to impress the kids. 

Gt4 Lrm

The track toy

An essential in any enthusiast’s arsenal and the key to enjoying those precious weekends. Luckily Jaguar has the Prince covered on this in the form of the F-Type GT4, and since it was launched in Invictus Games livery, it serves as the ultimate company car for Harry!

The golden years car

Something not too showy but comfortable enough to ferry the loved ones around in class and haste, we would say the new XJR 575 but that is too sideways for the Royals. Perhaps Harry and Meghan might enjoy Jaguar’s next XJ model – rumoured to be electric, making it the perfect balance of refinement and pace. Maybe something a little older? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

Jag News 1081

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