Essex and Suffolk Borders - November News

All the news from around the region

With the mild weather continuing into October, the Jaguars have had a reprieve from the bad conditions for a little while longer.
Several members made it up to Coventry to look at the Classic Works facility on 20 October and very impressive it is too. The workshop area is very large, immaculate and contains such delights as D types built from scratch and rebuilt late model Defenders. The old diesel engines have been jettisoned, replaced with an F type V8 and auto gearbox, then it is yours for £150,000. Or rather it isn't, as they are all sold. Next door is a collection of vehicles stacked two high and five deep on each side, including SS rarities, last off the production line models and the odd Citroen DS and Hillman Imp thrown in. Well worth a look.
We now have a good programme emerging for next year and will include some revisited shows - full details on the events list. Our own show for 5th May is coming together in the planning stage. By the time you read this both the NEC trip and the Dinner Dance Extravaganza will have happened, which I am sure will have gone well, so it just remains for me to wish all our members a great Christmas and Happy New Year.