Auto-Seal Tyre Permanent Puncture Prevention System

We are always on the lookout for new products that help us enjoy our cars and also provide added safety and this one certainly meets those criteria.

Modern Jaguars don’t come with full size spare tyres anymore and some don’t have any form of spare! Yet the cars get faster and our road surfaces are getting worse with pot holes and debris.  The classics don’t always seal well and wire wheels can cause problems.

This new puncture prevention system is the answer.  At best a puncture is an annoyance and expense (could mean a new tyre!) At worse it could be life threatening.   We have looked at similar products before but not been convinced. This one really does the job, permanently.

We have negotiated a special JEC members price of 10% off (5% on bikes) + free P&P, so read on and hopefully you will be as convinced as we are.

A truly outstanding product, in terms of safety, for all pneumatic tyres – for motorbikes, a potential life-saver. Its secondary benefits are, saving money on tyres / recovery, lost time / downtime, whilst increasing fuel economy and tyre life.

This product is a unique puncture prevention system, rated as permanent, subject to damage incurred. Our product is currently used within some UK “Blue Light” organisations including Police and NHS. Commercial fleet usage includes Royal Mail, UPS worldwide, private security firms, heavy construction, and haulage forms worldwide.

Originating in the USA, the US Military, UK Military and NATO military forces use the same product for appropriate vehicles, and have done for many years. It is the only such product to hold several NATO stock numbers. The product is now sold in 67 countries, and has been introduced for the benefit of the public to other sectors by Auto-Seal and Bike-Seal.


First formulated in 1960s for NASA to protect spacesuits. It was then adopted in 1972/3 by the US Military having met the remit to protect a tyre from being shot at!. It has been extensively tested and was eventually released to heavy industry, agriculture and the haulage sectors before being tested and approved for use by the UK Military. Subsequently it was further approved for use throughout all NATO countries, where it has seen service in areas of conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan. MIRA (The government funded Motor Industries Research Association) have also extensively tested and validated this product for use within the “Blue Light” system, therefore enabling “Blue Light” emergency services to use this product. It is the only product authorised in this way.

Autoseal 2

How it works

This permanent puncture prevention system is ACTIVE not passive. Once installed, it will permanently plug/seal up to a 15mm diameter puncture within 2-3 revolutions of a wheel, losing negligible tyre pressure.

As we know, a slow puncture is the main cause of a catastrophic tyre failure. This happens when a tyre is under greater load e.g. accelerating, braking, cornering, pot holes. It is at this point that the importance of a correct tyre pressure becomes apparent. Any failure (puncture) greatly reduces the ability to steer, accelerate or brake effectively and safety, upsetting vehicle stability and therefore loss of control.

Installation benefits

  • Permanently protects tyres from 95% of tread area punctures.
  • Seals punctures up to 15mm.
  • Stops most rim and bead leaks and slow punctures permanently.
  • Protects tyres for legal life of tyre.
  • Greatly reduces possibility of catastrophic failure.
  • Increases commercial profitability by up to 20% and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Reduces downtime, inconvenience and associated expense.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Mechanical not chemical process (No shelf life).
  • -35 c freezing point.
  • On road/off road.
  • No speed or distance restrictions.
  • Tube/tubeless.
  • Eco friendly.


It is a fact that there are numerous products on the retail market that provide temporary or inferior solutions in terms of effectiveness.  There is no other comparable product that actually works and does what it claims. Demonstrations always prove this, and convert the most hardened cynics who have been long suffering from inferior and expensive products, and the expense of irreparable damage through corrosion to tyres and rims. This product can be used with confidence, and is now being promoted for the benefit of the public and more general commercial use.

This product is primarily a SAFETY driven product, which does not detract from new tyre sales. It has been proven to be an integral part of good tyre management programs.

This is the ONLY product designed and independently tested, to be inserted prior to a puncture. Therefore, it is the ONLY product that can give genuine real safety benefits to its user.

Autoseal 1

JEC Members enjoy discounts of 5% on Bike-Seal and 10 % on Auto-Seal

Members enjoy discounts of 5% on Bike-Seal and 10 % on Auto-Seal

  • Bike-Seal 500 ml bottles – £26.00 + free pp (normal price £27.50 + pp*)
  • Auto-Seal 750 ml bottles - £36.00 + free pp (normal price £40.00 + pp*)
  • Auto-Seal 1L bottles - £45.00 + free pp (normal price £50 + pp*)

Note: the amount you need depends on tyre size but generally a Jaguar will need 2 bottles. When you call they will advise you of the exact needs, have your tyre size ready!

*      Safety Seal Compact Travel Kits – £38.00 + free pp (normal price £40.00 + pp*)

Tubeless 12 plug puncture repair system (for motorbikes, cars, vans)

 *Standard post + packing normally incurs a charge of £4.50

Next day courier service by DPD can be provided half price for £3.00.

 How to get your discount

We keep it simple! Please telephone Bike-Seal / Auto-Seal direct on 01278 671900, and provide your Club membership number, and credit or debit card payment.

In this way we can also ensure that you order the correct quantity for your vehicle, and its usage, and can answer any specific queries you may have.

Terms & Conditions

This Club member benefit is only available through Bike-Seal and Auto-Seal office directly, (not online or at public shows, or through dealers who stock our products). Please telephone Monday to Friday 0900-1700 or if you prefer, email us requesting contact and we will call you back.

Discounts cannot be claimed retrospectively.

All card payments are processed securely through the merchant Pay Pal.

Free post & packing is provided by Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For, Tracked, or My Hermes Tracked & Signed For. Delivery is 3-5 working days, and dispatch is normally within 24 hrs Monday to Friday.

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