JEC membership makes you part of the world’s best Jaguar community, yet costs less than a tank of fuel.

Take your Jaguar passion to the next level by joining our worldwide club of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Jaguar enthusiasts around.

For a low annual fee, you’ll receive free roam of our massive information base, friendly support from other members who care just as much as you do, our fantastic monthly magazine, and exclusive access to offers on merchandise, event fees, and specialist insurance packages.

Classic cars, unsurpassed community spirit, and incredible value. That’s what JEC is all about.

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Every JEC member enjoys a wide range of incredible benefits:

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With members from all parts of the globe and all walks of life, the JEC family has a place for anyone who shares its enthusiasm, and will gladly welcome you with open arms.

We all started out as strangers, but our passion for all things Jaguar, SS or Daimler brings us together and has formed lasting friendships and provided many wonderful experiences.

That’s what makes a JEC membership truly special. It’s not just about the discounts and exclusive deals – it’s the chance to share your hobby with a group of like-minded people.

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The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club can help you save money, from discounted insurance and warranty scheme to savings on major event tickets and anything else we can think of!

The Club has a range of support services. From purchase advice to inspections and valuations. We support your ownership via our Forum and model groups with expert advice, practical assistance and an excellent classified section for your next car!

Part of the pleasure of owning a Jaguar, Daimler or SS is the camaraderie within the Club. our active regional network holds lots of events each year and the Club provides a wide variety of tours and runs to suit all pockets and tastes.

Our 140 page monthly magazine is supported by the online digital magazine together with all the information the web site can provide. In addition we have the regular newsletter and our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jaguar Enthusiast is the official JEC magazine, covering all SS, Jaguar and Daimler models through detailed historical commentary, in-depth technical analysis, new model announcements, tips of the trade and news about everything going on in the Club and its Regions.

As a member, you’ll receive a copy every month – 140 feature-packed pages in full colour, garnished with Jaguar classified adverts handpicked to be valuable for our members.

You’ll also receive a copy of the digital version to read on the electronic device of your choice at no extra cost.



We have numerous local branches across the globe, run by passionate and dedicated individuals who do everything from arranging events to hosting social meetups.

This is vital for supporting both our UK and International members. People far away from our base can play just as big a part in the club as those nearby.

In addition, members can select the regions that interest them on our website, ensuring that they are informed of local news items and opportunities relevant to their individual needs.

Jec Forum Benefit


Our warm and engaging forum is rich with passionate Jaguar enthusiasts from all over the world, gathering to share their knowledge and discuss the issues and events that matter to them.

As a member, you'll have full access to everything in our vast post history, including years of tips, tricks, facts, and documented personal projects.

The biggest draw, though, is the chance to chat with like-minded people, form lasting new friendships, and (of course) show off your vehicle (if you have one) to an appreciative audience!

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We all have different areas of expertise, and no one person can know everything there is to know about Jaguars, Daimlers or SS Cars! That’s where our numerous Jaguar experts become so useful. Our technical experts contact details are only available to members

Our individually-managed Model Forums, can also assist with more general adivce on everything from SS to F-Pace, using their invaluable experience to save our members time and money.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of everything Jaguar, The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club is most certainly the right community for you.



Our comprehensive events programme runs throughout the year, and ranges from small regional events to major international rallies attracting hundreds of cars.

We participate in indoor events like the Restoration Show and the NEC Classic Car Show, plus major outdoor events like Silverstone Classic and the Donington Historic Festival. Along with our regional branches, we're involved in over 150 events each year!

We're also able to notify JEC members about upcoming events, and give them the opportunity to secure their tickets for the major shows both early and at a substantial discount.

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With nearly two hundred Jaguar, Daimler and SS models produced over the years, finding information for your particular model can be very confusing.

Through our specialised model sections and vast central knowledge base, we have the answers to all the questions you could ever ask about purchasing, maintaining and enjoying a specific model of Jaguar.

If you're having trouble finding what you need, the friendly members of our active all-models Forums will no doubt be happy to lend you a helping hand.

Jec Website


Last, but not least, we offer this superb new website, designed to provide personalised information feeds - simply select the region or regions you're interested in, and you'll receive only the updates that matter to you.

Of course, you can also keep up with everything Jaguar through our regular newsletter, featuring all the latest news and JEC developments.

Simple, quick, customisable, and so easy to use on any platform, be it phone, desktop, or tablet. That's the level of quality our members deserve!



Caring for a Jaguar can be expensive and time-consuming, and if something goes wrong, you can find yourself with a massive bill and some agonising decisions to make.

Through our club connections, we’ve assembled a panel of three outstanding specialist insurers who can offer you everything you need to protect your pride and joy.

What’s more, they provide their services at a discounted rate for all JEC members, saving you even more money.

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When running high-value classic cars, it's vitally important to be mindful of potential repair issues, as parts are harder to source, cost more, and are often trickier to install. That's where warranties really shine, helping you manage unforeseen car repair bills at reduced cost and with reliable support to ensure you're heading in the right direction.Working with Warrantywise, the leading warranty provider, we can save you money on a fully-inclusive warranty, ensuring you're covered in the event of an emergency.

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As a leading club we are able to offer you the ability to purchase discounted tickets for some of the country's leading car events such as NEC Classic Motor Show, Silverstone Classic, Donington Historic and Castle Combe Autumn Classic, just watch this site and the magazine for the details,when they are announced. Members also benefit from lower prices for our Seminars and Track Days. Dont forget the £50 holiday voucher for every member, that's more than covered your membership fee!

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Each year, we organise numerous fantastic opportunities for trips absolutely perfect for our members, meaning you’ll never be short of chances to enjoy a holiday with like-minded people. Via our two travel partners we offer accompanied tours through Travel Destinations and unaccompanied tours through Scenic Car Tours, as well as day and weekend events,providing something for everyone.

Typical excursions include package tours to the annual 24-hour race at Le Mans and the biannual Le Mans Classic as well as tours of other countries both near and far.

As if that weren't enough, each of our members benefits from an annual £50 trip voucher kindly provided by Scenic Car Tours.

Theatre Pres  Seminar


Want to learn more Jaguars in general (or your model in particular)? Come along to one of our in-depth technical seminars!

Our experts cover buying advice, maintenance methods, mechanical rebuild techniques, and everything you could possibly want to know about Jaguars.

What's more, you'll have plenty of opportunity to steer the discussion, so if you have a specific question to ask, you can get it answered. Have a look at what we have already covered.

Car Inspection


Our fully-qualified assessors can inspect your vehicle, giving it a full written report and valuation. As Jaguar experts, we know exactly what is the correct information for specific models and years. We also have years of experience on valuing SS Cars, Jaguars and Daimlers to help you spend your money wisely!



JEC isn’t just about poring over technical details and being practical. We love to see Jaguars doing what they were built to do – dominating the road.

Through JEC Racing, we run three annual race series - an XK series, an XJS series, and a saloon series. When a race comes around, we invite our members to come down to the tracks to meet the teams.

That’s not all, though – we also hold special Track Days where our members can get behind the wheel and show everyone what their cars (and they) can do!

Dvla Assist


If you wish to register your SS, Jaguar or Daimler in the UK but lack a V5C registration document from the DVLA, or want to re-register a car that has been off the road for many years we can help. We are an authorised agent of the DVLA in this respect.

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We sell a large range of JEC and Jaguar-branded goods, featuring everything from mugs and watches to coats and cuff links.

For your car, we can provide indoor and outdoor covers, workshop manuals, driver handbooks, and instructive books in general, covering all manner of things related to Jaguar, Daimler and SS.

Through Carlton Autos, run by our Technical Guru Ken Jenkins, we can supply hard to obtain parts along with a range of specialist tools and even a Jaguar tool hire service.

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Social Media

Through our Social Media outlets we can provide up to the minute news and updates, allow you to join in with the community to share and express ideas or just enjoy the uploads of our favourite marque, Jaguar!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Family membership is no extra cost and covers any member of your family living at the registered address. This enables all of the family to benefit from the services and financial savings we provide.

Rac Affinity @ 320 X 600

RAC Personal cover savings

The Club has teamed up with the RAC to give members a minimum of £20 discount. One of the main benefits is that the cover is personal so it does not matter whose car you are in you and the car will be covered for breakdown. Read more

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Pirelli Tyre Offer

Club members can now benefit from an exclusive offer of a Fuel Gift Card from Pirelli. Available only when purchasing Pirelli tyres from a Pirelli Performance Centre or official Jaguar dealer, the card’s value depends on the size and quantity of car and/or 4x4 tyres purchased as follows:

16inch and below 2 tyres = £10|4 tyres = £30.
17inch 2 tyres = £30|4 tyres = £70.
18inch and above 2 tyres = £50|4 tyres = £100.

The offer is applicable only to members of the Club and their close family and covers any make of car with a maximum of 8 tyres in a single year.

for more details visit:

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Safety issues - Permanent Puncture Prevention System

We now offer our members a discounted price on this wonderful fully tested product. Read more

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Safety Issues - Join IAM Roadsmart - discount for members

Refresh your driving skills with this great offer for members

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The magazine is a good mix of everything Jaguar, from trips and days out to member cars and technical advice. In my opinion, the magazine alone is worth the subscription fee, but we get so much more. Needless to say I will be renewing my membership!

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