As a JEC member, you have access to special discounted insurance schemes.

When you’ve put a lot of time, effort and resources into your vehicle, you don’t want to risk it all going to waste in the event of an accident. You need an insurance policy that takes into account what you care about the most.

That’s why we’ve partnered with three insurance companies who can offer our members classic car insurance policies that have been designed to cater to the needs of the most dedicated enthusiasts.

What’s more, you’ll pay a discounted rate as a JEC member, so you’ll have a better policy and pay less too.

Let us help find the right insurance for your car.

The JEC continually look for ways to expand our member benefits and are excited to have partnered with Towergate insurance, the insurance specialists, to offer exclusive member discounts on Boat, Travel, Caravan, Car hire and Lifestyle Excess Insurance Products.

Looking for personal insurance, for travel, boat, caravan or excess?

We can help you make an informed decision:

General Expert Valuation

Getting Started

Why might a classic car insurance policy be right for your Jaguar? How should you go about assessing your insurance needs?

Learn the insurance basics here.

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Insurance Expert Valuation

Expert Inspection and Valuation

Models vary wildly in value, and you need to make sure you get the right level of coverage for yours.

Find a valuation expert here (UK only).

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Checklist Expert Valuation

Insurance Checklist

Ready to get a policy sorted? Make the process as smooth as possible by getting your details ready first.

Review our handy checklist here.

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Getting Started

“Why is classic car insurance right for my Jaguar?"

Classic car insurance doesn't operate the way standard insurance does. While it does still take a vehicle's mechanical characteristics into account, it also places a lot of emphasis on how the vehicle is used, cared for and maintained.

That's where agreed value enters the picture. Through discussing your specific needs with your insurer, considering your vehicle's use, heritage, pedigree and condition, you can pin a value on it that truly reflects not just what it is worth to others but what it is worth to you personally.

This may cost you more than a standard valuation process, or it may cost you less, but either way you'll ultimately be comfortable knowing that you have a policy that fits your vehicle like a glove.

“How can I keep costs down?”

There are various ways you can save money on your policy. You can:

  • Commit to keeping your mileage down, thereby reducing risk.
  • Demonstrate your driving skills through an advanced qualification, showing that your vehicle is in safe hands.
  • Do everything practical to minimise risk of theft, using security systems and storing the vehicle sensibly.

Of course, perhaps the best thing you can do to save money is become a JEC member, as classic car insurers will immediately recognise how passionate you are about your car!

Ultimately, though, the smartest way to proceed is simply to be completely honest with your assessment of your needs. You might be able to save a bit of money by misrepresenting your situation, but you'll only have yourself to blame if something goes wrong and you failed to get the cover you needed for that area. If you think there’s even a small chance you might need cover for something, it's worth the investment.

Expert Inspection and Valuation

We have a number of highly-qualified experts who can inspect your vehicle prior to purchase and provide you with a full written report. In addition to their complete understanding of the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of vehicle inspection, they have extensive experience with the Jaguar marque which perfectly equips them to identify the unique requirements of specific models and years, something that is particularly important for older cars.

The cost of an inspection begins at £100, with the final figure determined by the time needed and the distance the inspector is required to travel. We can guarantee that your inspection will be cheaper than an equivalent AA or RAC inspection.

This small upfront outlay could save you thousands in the long term.

To arrange an inspection simply call JEC Head Office on 0117 969 8186 and they will provide you with details of your nearest inspector.

Also from our HQ in Bristol we can give you an official valuation for insurance purposes. Our valuations are accepted by all leading insurance brokers and Companies.

Simply call 0117 969 8186 for details

Insurance Checklist

Before you get in touch with an insurance company, please make sure to note down as many of the following details as possible. If you can complete the checklist ahead of time, it’ll make the process of arranging your insurance quick, simple and easy.

Personal Details

  • Your personal details, including your full address, home, work and mobile phone numbers, and email address.

  • The full name, address, date of birth, duration of licence to drive, and 5-year claim and conviction record of the person who will be driving the vehicle(s).

  • Your membership IDs for any classic car clubs or organisations you are a member of.

  • How many vehicles are in the household (you might qualify for multi-car insurance).

Vehicle Details

  • The make, model and year of the vehicle(s).

  • The current overall mileage of the vehicle(s).

  • The engine size and specification of the vehicle(s).

  • All modifications made to the vehicle(s), such as the installation of non-standard wheels, aftermarket electronic equipment, performance-enhancing parts, or cosmetic upgrades.

  • Any previous professional valuations of the vehicle(s).

Vehicle Use

  • Where the vehicle(s) is/are typically kept overnight (e.g. a garage).

  • The expected annual mileage of the vehicle(s).

  • What the vehicle(s) is/are typically used for.

  • What cover (if any) is required for:

    • Commuting or driving as part of a job.

    • Event hires, track days, races, or other such situations.

    • Use of the vehicle(s) abroad.

We work with these great insurance companies:

Footman Insurer

Footman James

Founded in 1983, Footman James has established a heritage of specialising in plans for niche markets. Now serving over 100,000 policyholders, it aims to provide great tailored cover at competitive premiums.

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Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

As the UK's leading Specialist Vehicle and Multi Vehicle Insurance Broker we are proud of our close working relationship with the JEC which has enabled us to provide unrivalled insurance expertise and the most beneficial rates for club members.

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Adrian Insurer

Adrian Flux

For over 40 years, Adrian Flux has been providing efficient and cost-effective motor vehicle insurance. Its personal approach has firmly positioned it among the most successful and respected UK insurance specialists.

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Footman James

Footman James has built a history of forging successful relationships with vintage and classic vehicle enthusiasts and clubs, giving them the expertise to provide specialist insurance for owners, collectors and professionals that is exceptional enough to stand out in this highly-competitive market.

Working with us to make life easier for classic vehicle owners, they can offer JEC members outstanding policies with the following benefits:

  • Access to Footman James’s classic vehicle specialists
  • A mileage limit stretching to a superb 10,000 miles
  • Fully-customisable policy coverage
  • New Jaguars covered after a year's JEC membership (if Classic Car covered under the same policy)
  • Drivers as young as 17 covered after two years' JEC membership
Footman Logo

Please contact Footman James on 0333 207 6120

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance believe in offering a truly personal service, with advice and support from experts just as passionate about motoring as the clients they help.  This approach has driven them to develop a policy system that truly takes into account the specific needs of any given policy holder.

Every policy they offer provides a superb range of coverage as standard, with even more benefits made available for club members:

- Lower premiums for JEC members

- Bespoke Motor Legal Expenses coverage

- Comprehensive UK and European Breakdown Recovery coverage

- Limited Mileage options catered to classic vehicles

- Agreed Value cover to accurately reflect value

- Outstanding Multi-Vehicle coverage options

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

Please contact Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance on 0121 506 6040

Adrian Flux

What constitutes a classic car can sometimes be a matter of dispute, but the Adrian Flux team have a fairly broad definition that includes cars as young as 5 years old. That means they can arrange great cover whether your car is a Vauxhall VX220, an Austin Seven, or even a trusty Ford Cortina.

With a true understanding of the particular needs of classic car owners, whether they bought their vehicles as projects, to support their hobbies, or simply to enjoy driving, they offer the following:

  • Limited mileage policies for comprehensive cover at greatly-reduced cost
  • Cherished policies with lower premiums on cars as young as 5 years old
  • Kit car insurance (very rare for the classic car insurance market)
  • Agreed value cover to make sure you’re fully remunerated in the event of a total loss
  • Laid-up cover for your projects to fully protect you from theft or mishaps
Adrian Logo

Please contact Adrian Flux on 0800 089 0336

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