fault code u2012

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fault code u2012

Postby TONYGLEAVE » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:47 pm

can any of the members throw any light on fault code u2012 this was diagnosed using a dedicated jaguar code reader and relates to a can bus fault. the traction control and stability control are failing and putting the car into "failsafe mode" i am advised it could be a connection fault or a dirty multiplug pin and so on ........... any help please?

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Postby Brakebuster » Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:56 pm


i have looked around for the code thats being thrown, and it seems to be a generic fault code for a dodgy system not communicating properly,

so the suggestion of a loose or dry connector seems possible , as for where this fault may lie is anyones guess, as the loom can sustain damage from heat or chafing at almost any point, and water can get onto the loom plugs and cause corrosion , or simply a loose connector


there is a well known problem with the faults that are being displayed, and thats a dying battery , as the voltage fades erroneous faults are thrown by the ECU , these usually manifest in stability and traction fail,

if you havnt changed the battery for a new one in the last five years, i would strongly urge you to do so, as a bad winter with all the running lights and wipers and heaters have killed lots of batteries

and a £60 is much cheaper than lots of Jaguar diagnostics , especially if you know its never been changed

there is lots of info on all the XJ8 sites about duff batteries causing all sorts of problems

hope this is of some use


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