Air con not working

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Air con not working

Postby johnkershaw » Sun May 06, 2018 8:45 pm


I have recently bought a 2009 XK Portfolio edition and sadly the air con is not working properly. I thought it needed a re-gas but this hasnt solved the problem. the mechanic said it wasn't the pump but the fan at the front behind the grille. apparently this is not spinning at all and needs to. I remember on my previous XK hearing the fans slowing down on turning off the ignition and this is definitely not happening on this one.

Any clues? could it be something as simple as a fuse? which one would it be and where located?

Hoping it's not the condenser as that could be a pain to get at.

Any insights gratefully received!



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Re: Air con not working

Postby davidr » Sun May 06, 2018 8:50 pm

When the system was regassed was it vacuum and pressure tested beforehand to check for leaks?
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Re: Air con not working

Postby mike020150 » Mon May 07, 2018 9:47 am

Typically, the radiator fans are controlled by fuses in the engine compartment fuse box, F31 & F35. However, check your driver's handbook for your car to be certain. Fuses only blow for a reason. Hence, if you find one, don't assume you have found the solution. It may only be a symptom. Swift diagnosis usually requires Jaguar-specific diagnostic kit of a main dealer or Jaguar specialist rather than generic tools. Mike.
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