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Drooping headlining - temporary fix?

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:37 pm
by XJ_Driver
Seems I now have that well known problem with the sagging headlining... Incredibly the original headlining in my '98 XJR looked perfect up until just a few weeks ago, but then following a short spell of warm weather I noticed a slight droop just starting to appear over the back seat. Now that droop has got much worse, and has spread to other areas - most annoyingly, directly above the driver's head!

I know the only permanent fix is a new headlining, and fortunately there is a bodyshop less than twenty miles from here who have experience of carrying out this work. It's something which I plan to arrange for later this year. But in the meantime can anybody suggest a temporary fix?

I've seen sagging headlinings pinned up using stationery staples in the past, but apart from looking unsightly I understand these have a tendency to keep falling out (I'm assuming the foam board behind the headlining is not particularly thick to press pins into?) Can anybody recommend a type of pin / fixing which could be used for this job? Or, indeed, any other means of effecting a temporary repair? I'm hoping I should be able to get the headlining replaced before Christmas.

Thanks in anticipation.


Re: Drooping headlining - temporary fix?

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:34 pm
by A.J.P.
Hi John,
Sorry to hear about your headlining mate.
I use these: ... y&_sacat=0
Be careful where you get them from though.
I've seen some listings where some seller's try selling them for £10 for five of them in the Jaguar section :shock: .
Hope that helps.
Take care.
Andy :D

Re: Drooping headlining - temporary fix?

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:52 pm
by XJ_Driver
Thanks Andy,

I've never heard of 'Piggy / Twist Pins' before, but I'll order some now and give them a try!


Re: Drooping headlining - temporary fix?

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:54 pm
by RichardSEL
Only real fix is a new headlining board. They've been mentioned in this forum many times. The one I was going to get (before I sold the X308) came from a village in Kent. Search under my account name

If you've got the LWB then you wont need to bend it to get it into the cabin. If the SWB X308 then either a seat or the rear window has to come out to avoid the risk of folding the new board over too much. Others have said (who've done the job) that you can get the new board in with a slight fold that can't be seen after a few weeks when in place.

Re: Drooping headlining - temporary fix?

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:53 pm
by jedstone
I am a pretty fussy type when it comes to car presentation but I fixed this temporarily with 9 dress-makers pins from the sewing box at no cost a couple of years ago - and they look good for a while yet. Hardly noticeable - unless you're looking.