Advice if engine flooded: method 1 and method 2!

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Advice if engine flooded: method 1 and method 2!

Postby blackflash » Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:18 pm

Earlier this week I fitted a new photochromic mirror and when testing it I had the ignition on but did not start the engine: result = flooded engine. In talking to garages, I discovered that the V8s are apparently prone to flooding, particularly when not driven sufficiently far to get the engine to normal operating temperature. Apparently a frequent cause is people pulling the car out of the garage and switching the engine off while they close the garage door...

Method 1 was recommended by a well-regarded independent Jaguar specialist and goes something like this:
You need two people and one of them needs to know where the two fuel pump fuses are
Person A pulls the fuses and person B turns the ignition key
When the car starts Person A puts the fuses back in
The fuel starts flowing again and away you go.

if you have a trusty friend to hand, this may involve a delay of ten minutes or so to the start of your intended journey.

If you don't know where the fuses are or don't have a friend to hand then you need to get your friendly rescue service to tow you to a garage who knows these cars and can do it for you.

This is likely to lead to major surgery on your diary for that day.

Method 2 was recommended by a well-regarded Jaguar main dealer and goes like this:
Turn the ignition to position 2 (I think) so it runs through its system check.
When all the lights go out, floor the accelerator and turn the ignition to position 3
There will be a puff of smoke from the exhausts and the car will start

Apparently this counter-intuitive method works because if the accelerator is floored the injectors are cut off. I'm sure someone can provide a more technically accurate description.

I tried Method 2 and the car started within one second. It made my day.

Now because Method 2 is so easy, there must be a catch or Method 1 would not exist as it's too time-consuming and needs another person. If this problem occurred in the evening in a train station car park are you really going to ask a passing stranger to pull and replace a couple of fuses for you... or to floor your accelerator...

Posted in a spirit of community as you may, like me, be about to drive to the station and park up for a day full of business meetings in London and a non-starting car would seriously screw up your day. But also posted in the expectation that someone will enlighten me/us as to the benefits of Method 2!

I have of course learned not to do a system check without subsequently running the engine...

All the best,


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Postby Brakebuster » Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:07 pm

top tip there ,

my engine flooded after turning it off after only a few seconds of driving ( reversing it up the drive to let the wife drive away )

however, after a few attempts of starting ( and flooding ( the battery gave up,

so i called out the RAC , he tried his starter unit, but to no avail, i had flooded it so much that the patrol in the cylinders had washed the oil away and the rings would not seal to the linings,
so with one bank of spark plugs out we had to put a small amount of oil in each spark plug hole, this allowed the rings to seal and the engine then started , the other bank limped along with the good bank until the oil got round to lubricating and thus sealing the rings again, lots of smoke and revving of the engine made everything work well again

installed the new battery ( a test confirmed the old one was dead ) and it has been fine for the last nine months

both methods in the above post are good if the battery is healthy , but if it is fubar, then you don't stand a chance


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Postby ColinE » Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:16 pm

Hi Guys.
Just incase you have not heard of it.
I am new to Jaguars I have had my XJ8 now for two years, it was an absolute pig at flooding (or was it me) I called out the RAC three times, each time they go it going, the last time the guy connected up his van battery to mine and just kept turning the key, it fired up and almost smoked out the close, but it started.
I put a post on the site, one guy came back to me telling me that Jaguars had issued a TSB tech service bul, on this, the guy kindly posted it for me, what it is, is a reflash of the ECU, the local dealer did not want to know, I took the car to H A Fox at Guildford, where I found them more than helpful, Richard reflashed this for me, it cost about £50 that was Feb last year, so far so good, mine was so bad I was scared to take the car out incase it would not start, I came back from holland on the ferry six hours, when they called us to go to the cars, it would not start, I think I hammered the key 15 times it finally started, but also, I now make sure its up to temp, before shutting it off.
Hope this maybe of help.


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Postby pws241150 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:57 pm

I had the flooding problem on my 3.2 after moving it a couple of feet and stopping then trying to start it again. Methos 2 described above, Flooring the accelorator... works a treat.

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