Fault light on plus occasionally restricted performance

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Fault light on plus occasionally restricted performance

Postby liznstan.falkingham390 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:20 pm

[*]Hello everyone, I ran my 2002 3.2 sport for quite a while with the engine management light showing (this is now an MOT failure) with no discernible problems, the fault was diagnosed as failing oxygen sensor. Two weeks back I had a new sensor fitted, lovely no lights showing, running beautifully even clocked 30miles to the gallon! now the fault light is back on and occasionally restricted performance. I took it back to the garage plugged in the diagnostics unit and got nothing? the car and the computer would not talk to one another!!! Oh dear what can the matter be? Does this ring any bells with anyone? Where do I go from here?
Cheers, Yelnats

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