Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

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Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

Postby Pragster » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:21 pm

Hello all,

First post so be gentle..

I've recently taken the plunge and bought a 1998 BRG 3.2 XJ Sport. I paid my dues and joined the club and this forum. North London based.

With work planned on the car in coming weeks, I thought I'd share some thoughts and ask some questions. This forum appears to be really well organised with lots of useful information. Thanks to all those that have endeavoured to share their knowledge.

I am, sad to admit, someone that doesn't have the skills or space to be getting hands on with my car. Saying that, I am fortunate to know some people who have those skills (at reasonable prices).

My plan with the ole girl is to carry out a comprehensive service and if time allows, a trip up to the Blenheim in mid May. She has been looked after by an old boy for nearly a decade. The cars looks original and not messed around with. No bling alloys here Rodders.. (Yes, I will check for the latest metal bodied tensioners, the water pump, throttle bodies etc). Having covered about 10,700 miles in the last decade, the last five years saw about 473 miles travelled, and about 9 miles in the last year. Probably to the MOT station and back. I will post pictures in the next few weeks as the journey begins.

So the questions. For someone like me, it would be really useful if there was a page on the forum giving details of the service items required. And what I should expect to pay. For example:
1. Seems like the coolant should be the original Jag stuff at £41.28 per 5l container. Are there any other options?
2. The Oil filter from Jaguar is £15.85 whilst an aftermarket is £5.51
3. An original fuel filter will cost £26.00 whilst a Bosch aftermarket, £5.32
4. Changing the gearbox/filter will cost nearly £300 in original parts (from Jaguar) alone

Do you see where I'm going?

Not trying to be cheap, but sensible, is the difference in price acceptable to you wise old men?
Would Bosch put their name on a product that's significantly cheaper (and inferior)?
Has anyone bought two items and compared them side by side?
Or am I sounding like a whining old fool?
Thoughts welcome..


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Re: Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

Postby A.J.P. » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:29 pm

Hello Pragster and welcome to the club and forum.
Congratulations on getting your car, I hope you'll be pleased with it.
Regarding service items I think it's up to personal choice on what you buy really.
I try to find good quality parts at reasonably prices as I don't like being ripped off but you have be careful.
There should be a sticker or label near the coolant top up cap which tells you what coolant to use,they changed the type of coolant from JLM204043(ESD-M97B49-A) to JLM209723(WSS-M97B44-B) after VIN Number (F00035).
They use Ford Coolant so search for the relevant part No.
Nothing wrong with Bosch in my opinion,I have been buying the XJ8 special tools from the Jaguar Land Rover Tooling & Equipment Web Shop for a few years now(slowly building up my collection :D )here's a link.
https://jlrequipment.service-solutions. ... tID=321496
I've noticed there is a connection to Bosch so they can't be that bad.
I've got Bosch Super 4 spark plugs in at the moment,£21.00 for eight of them,been in there over a year now and runs great.
I shall give mine a service before Blenheim and have found BOSCH IRDIUM SPARK PLUGS C2A1535
for £55.00 for eight so I will try those next time.
Be careful with the transmission service,make sure the people doing it know what they are doing.
I can send you the correct procedure in PDF if you PM me your email address .
I also have the complete workshop manual in PDF if you would like that as well.
All that said and done the main thing to do is get out and enjoy the luxury by driving it :D .
Looking forward to the photo's.
They truly are a wonderful car.
Here's mine :D
2000 XJ8 Sovereign
Hope that helps a bit.
Andy :D
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Re: Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

Postby Pragster » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:36 pm

Thanks for the welcome Andy and appreciate the advice.
As this is my first Jag, I bought some of the service items from Jag; oil, air, fuel filters. I will have a look at the coolant.

I just picked her up this afternoon and drove about 70 miles home. Faultlessly. Apart from a few niggles..
1. The drivers door rubber trim seems to be a little loose and requires attention.
2. There was significant steering wheel vibration at about 50mph
3. At higher speeds, there appeared to be some whistling coming from somewhere around the dash. I had ventilation off but could not locate.

I will load pictures after giving some tlc..!

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Re: Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

Postby andypryce » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:10 pm

Agree with Andy, aftermarket parts fine for most jobs, but transmission oil must be the proper stuff, though you can still get cheaper than £300. It will exasperate you at times, but when it's running well nothing finer!

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Re: Newbie / thoughts - 1998 3.2 XJ Sport

Postby RichardSEL » Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:41 pm

Thanks for the welcome Andy and appreciate the advice.
Enjoyed my time with the XJ8 (X308) So much so that I had three of them :P
2. There was significant steering wheel vibration at about 50mph
If it's been standing about for some time over the past five years suggest you check the date codes of tyres now fitted even though you might have enough tread. Flats can occur over the years from standing in stead of being driven. They balance out OK but are still there

Otherwise suggest all-round re-balance with exact tyre pressure check to eliminate that possibility.
Then it's onto check wheel bearings and track rod ends
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